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  1. Yes, i said it had around a 10% marketshare of mac users. I understand completely that that is not a significant amount of your total player pool. I am not expecting there to be detailed testing, or postponement of release if problems are found. I won't claim to have much knowledge of how your testing works, but I will still stand by what i said that spending 10 seconds and opening the dektok app seems like a reasonable check to do for at least the 20 most used systems The browser client is working fine, and this is more feedback than a big issue for me
  2. Thanks for your answer @Stubbe-Unibet. I understand the challenges with testing on different platforms. However we are not talking about a small bug that is hard to locate, but rather the app not even opening. It should be possible to at least know if the software is working at all on somewhat used operating systems. I am currently on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6(update from november 2020), with a device from 2016. While indeed an older version High Sierra still has about a 10% marketshare of mac users. It would be nice if in the future there could at least be a note either for support or in the decription of the new download, so i and others dont have to try all kind of sorcery to get the app to work when there is nothing that can be done
  3. One would assume so, which is why i thought the problem originally was one mye end. However this is now the second time in the last 10-15 updates where i am not even able to open the client after an update, before it has turned out that others are having the same issue.
  4. I have had the exact same issue ever since the new release yesterday. I also contacted support who knew nothing. @revvv We are probably just going to have to wait for a fix. Not sure how it is possible to release a update without properly testing it on all devices...
  5. Unfortunately this is a tournament for those that bubbled one of the UOS events not for those that won an event, which i know they have had in the past aswell. Unless you also bubbled a tournament you are not eligible.
  6. Thank you for another very well hosted competition @AndreiBN. Some great tennis aswell, and a new favourite player in Swiatek for me :inlove: I would like 2x10 + 1x15 freebets please.
  7. Lucky me I would like a single freebet of 30 euro @AndreiBN. Thank you!
  8. Mondays generally aren't that great of a time for me, so only had the chance to participate 2 times. Nevertheless had fun both times, really enjoyed the streaming and the chatting on twitch, so big thanks to all the organisers. Hopefully I'll be able to join in more next time
  9. Registration has not opened. It opens at 16:30 CEST.
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