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new features suggestions, oppinions?


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As a regular now on unibet for last 2 months i wanna make two suggestions for future features, let me guys know what u think of both of them especially the guys working at unibet.

1. run it twice ffeature: i cant see any negative effects of adding this feature, it reduces variances it keeps recreational players more time in the game in average, it leads to less variance which should result in more rake for unibet also.

2. adding some small friendly funny emotes as a casual form of comunication betwean players, something light that shouldnt be spammed like hearthstone the cards game has.

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I think the run it twice has been suggested before and I cant recall the answer but at the moment I think the poker team are comcentarting on pake the poker client as stable as possible and generally tidying up all he current features before adding new features o he client.

The 2nd idea has been answered a few times, even using the heartstone system people still use it in a negative way, so @Andrew has said that he would rather have no form of chat in the client if there is any way it can be used to troll people.

You will find that unibetpoker twitch chat is a good place o speak to other players though in a live chat system.

You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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@heroofwarcraft Great suggestions! Jonny is right about both, going with what Andrew has previously said, there won't be any kind of chat feature as it can be exploited in a trollish way. 
A run it twice feature would be cool though, and even though there are pressing issues at the moment and the client needs to improve all around, I suggest posting the idea on the Idea Exchange so we can possibly look into it in the future :)


Former Community Manager
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