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  1. Yes. If you don't login for a full quarter, bonus points expire. We have to have an expiry date for accounting reasons, and this seemed a fairly straightforward way to do it.
  2. I think that's too mild to ban. I only want to ban definitely-black-list names. I don't want to get involved in anything grey, because I don't want to have the legalistic arguments over slightly different shades of grey.
  3. If you polled your opponents, they'd all say yes.
  4. Added "*niggr*" to the blocked list.
  5. I added "*d1ck*" to the blacklist. really? I wonder how it works without affecting fairness amongst the other players. I mean, whoever wins money from the doomswitched player will have an advantage (more chips) than the other players at the table. He was kidding.
  6. Yep, afraid so. The Android tablet 2.0 beta client will come out on the 7th, and the web beta client will (hopefully) be available in our regulated markets.
  7. Not really. I kind of like the idea though, the sub-10bb stuff would become a bit more interesting again.
  8. Yeh, human error. We had to change 200+ tourney templates so that they had the right start time after daylight saving next Sunday. This one got a misclick and so it ran on the wrong day. Oh well, could be worse.
  9. I think it probably has to go down a bit though, I think it's breaking the lobby update system sometimes.
  10. Ah, sorry for not posting here. There was scheduled maintenance, for which we stop tournaments and SNG. There'll be another period of maintenance on 3rd Oct from 2 to 4am UTC.
  11. We're doing this partly to say sorry for delaying 2.0. It's called the Countdown as it's counting down to the release, so the last one will run on the last Sunday of November.
  12. If you're Romanian, it's a local issue. We had last minute concern that some of our promos were now not allowed under Romanian legisilation. One of the consequences was that freerolls were hidden from Romanians overnight. I'm pretty sure they'll be opened again this morning, but it depends on what the legal guys say when they're in the office in a bit.
  13. Yeh, this is pretty much my position. As much as possible I want to not get involved because it's nothing but grey area unto grey area. I think the alias in the OP is borderline offensive, but I don't think I should ban anything borderline.
  14. Andrew


    I don't have a problem with the game of Razz, it's just that there isn't enough traffic for us to develop it at the moment.
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