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  1. real question why doesnt timebank enter automaticly like they said in the patch. thjat would fix the issue
  2. makes sense, and btw it says that time bank enters automaticly but for me preflop it still doesnt, is there an option to turn it on? because i cant find it
  3. Isnt the rake the same since u get less in rakeback now on nl25 and nl50 but u get more in nl10? or am i missing something?
  4. sadly the rake at nl25 makes the stake pointles to the point where is more profitable to play nl10 still sad unibet havent fixed this...
  5. what redesign? also can u fix him from having a 90% ball catch rate in the first try and 90% second level. :))))
  6. and than u have the mega loose 3 bet regulars at nl 25 and nl50 biggest facepalm ever
  7. oh ofc it is but the spins were flavour thing to start my day with :))) just wanted to say i found them most entertaining little promo more fun than the king of flips thing
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