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Poker break


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When you are about to start a session that might be longer, you need to be prepared.

I always have several litres of water near to my desk. Without huge amounts of water without sparkling I am not able to play long sessions fully concentrated. 

Facing food, I tend to go with a light selection. It has to be something healthy that gives you energy but at the same time you don´t want your hands to get dirty or wet or sticky. Because of that my favourite food to eat while playing poker are bananas. Besides, all the fruits are great. Maybe with the execption of watermelon, that always is huuuuuge mess. 🤣 

After the session when all tourneys are over I m often really hungry and depending on how the day went I either cook some kind of easy dinner or if I feel like celebrating and get myself some burgers, pizza or something unhealthy like that. :happy: 

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 "Without sparkling I am not able to play long sessions fully concentrated." So may be in the morning but i find this phrase extremely funny, Rofl unleash your inner vampire Rofl


Drink lots of water "2.5L a day", eat fish, mix banana with milk, good energy booster mix lemons with grapefruit, apples are really great, you can mix some fitness in to :) nothing crazy - do like 10 pushups + 10 squads + 10 leg raises one after another ;) this will refresh you 4 sure.


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