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All In: The Unknown Player's Path to PLO Mastery

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Hello there!

My name is Player-Unknown, and you can refer to me as Unknown Player (mind-blowing, right?). I'm embarking on my Pot Limit Omaha project with an initial bankroll of 100€, starting at PLO4 with a 50BB strategy. I'll be streaming some of my sessions on my kick channel, and you're welcome to join me on this journey!

In addition to poker, one of my passions is fitness, particularly engaging in push/pull days. Wondering why I'm mentioning fitness? Well, I plan to approach studying PLO in a manner similar to my push/pull routine. So, just as I have a push day in fitness, I'll mirror that approach in PLO. What does that mean?

Pushing hands: These are the hands where I aim to push out multiple opponents and play against single opponents, like JT98 or KQJT.

Pulling hands: These are the hands designed to play against multiple opponents with nut full houses, nut flushes, such as AsAs, AsKs, KK**, and so on.

I'd appreciate it if you could give me a follow on kick; the first stream will be later today!



Ps: You can find me on the table under name: PI4yrUnkn0wN


Good luck, and if you defeat me, please post a picture here!


Player-Unknown over and out!





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Got no kick account (yet) to comment or anything, but looks no different from youtube platform.. 🤔

GL anyways on the road! Nice to have some rare PLO streamers on Unibets games! Cheers for that 🍻 😎

Edit. oh and yeah, the english speaking stream is a big plus 👍


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Thank you for your responses. I have had a lot of things going on at the moment, so I haven't played much. We'll see how this week goes and how much I'll be able to stream. The stream will start around 20:00-20:10.


Good luck at the tables!

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