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October Black Belt Mission Level 7


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So....have a bad session lose euro after euro after euro trying to get to black belt, make it deep, like 1 AI from purple, then everyone leaves the table breaks and we have to have another potential (and likely because this is tilting asf) losing session where MAYBE we get to black belt if everyone stays and the table doesnt break?

Im literally losing every hand redoing this...im not sure where the value proposition is in the banzai portion of these missions, having to redo a portion of the mission because a table breaks and is out of your control, should be able to continue your progress so as to not waste time/and dumping loads of euros to bad sessions titlting you further to complete 1/2 of a mission...

Ack...fix this.

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19 minutes ago, Jamieson said:

UPDATE-Got to 1 step away from brown belt and then it updated as completed? Is it taken as a matter of "Steps" overall? Or was this manually completed for me...or? this needs to be more transparent.

No overall steps. You will have to reach the desired belt and also play a hand wearing it ( better play until you get the mission completion message though, just in case ).

Someone from the staff probably manually completed it for you as a goodwill after seeing your post.

It's been requested that the belt color should stay to a new table if your current table breaks, but it takes a bit of development work to make it happen and they're ( Stubbe is ) quite busy with all the other stuff also, so it probably takes a bit of time to happen¬†ūüę§

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On 10/20/2023 at 4:56 AM, Rushbie said:

It is actually, call it helpful or not, the tremendous viewtake of others you can have for free, makes no difference in time spend for your ego



Hmm, got no clue about this post¬†ūüę£¬†was out playing pool all evening with buddies and ended up downing full bottle of vodka in the aftermath on top of all the drinks that night.. looks like one those random posts that is made of 10's of different convos and that doesn't have anything to do with topic or persons replied to here really¬†ūüė∂¬†Sry about that

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