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Supermoon 250e ticket

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First of all i hope its the right area for my topic. So fast forward i want to know if i can change a 250e supermoon ticket to lower ones. I did play this because i was thinking the sattie was for a 50e mtt and not 250e one. I admit is my mistake but here i am. The reasons i want to change the ticket to lower one (10x 25e would be a dream) are:

1. The tournament is Sunday which is a working day for me (working from Friday to Monday) and that means i need to book a day off which seems bit hard in this period.

2. I play poker for fun (with making some money in mind) and to play a 250e mtt seems burning money for my skills.

Thanks for reading and i apologize if this is unappropiate.

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Yeah I was gonna ask about that & I'm sure it's been addressed before but, why can't there be ticket exchanges for the Supermoon like there is for the Unibet Open ? Is there a specific reason exchangers tourneys for the Supermoon can't be added to the lobby? 


P.S. I just qualified... 


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The fact that a GTD needs to met would be the most important reason. We generate x% of the GTD each month in tickets because we know y% will come from cash buy-ins. If nits start exchanging 250s and not playing the target, we overlay. Not good for business 🙂

We probably don't need UL exchangers anymore either. Might be time for some hoarders to play a few more qualifiers 😉


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