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Coin Flip RTP: 96.05 % , but I have lost £197.71!!!

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Earlier today I played live casino “Coin Flip” , which has RTP 96.05%.  I played on £1 bet and I lost £197.71 .  During 23 minuets, I played this game  I couldn’t get  three scatter symbols in order to be qualified for Coin Flip bonus round at all !

Is it normal with this RTP:96.05% and spend £197.71 ,but no chance to enter to the bonus  round ?!?!

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It's normal. You only lost under 200x the bet, so that is quite low loss 😄

If you'd place minimum bets to any slot game with 0.10cent bets, and run those spins enough, you'd see how losing that 200x without bonusrounds is not even near the false excpectations the theoretical RTP gives. It can be tens of thousands of spins/bets. 

That's how slots work. You can't expect shit. It's gambling.

Google "how gambling slots RTP works" or something to get a clue.

And play safe, we've all been there too 🙂

So just ask 👍

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1. RPM is useless here. It's just a "rake" indicator. Volatility is more important here, it is this indicator that affects the divergence of actual results relative to RPM.
2. The casino should be treated as entertainment for which you are ready to pay a specific amount and then there will be no grief over losing, but only positive emotions when you win 😉

 ❄️🌲🎁Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎁🌲❄️

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