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Bucharest bound, with some mooning along the way


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 Unibet Open Bucharest was just announced and I'm excited and looking forward to hopefully being there. The one and only Unibet Open which I attended so far was the UO Malta 2019. I hadn't qualified online and took the solo trip to try and qualify there but lost in both satties. 

This time round I'm making a more financially sound decision to only attend if I qualify for the package. Well, not entirely true, as I do still have a 1,100 euro ticket that I won over a year and a half ago, but haven't used so far. So that ticket will be used as my plan B, if I can use it there,  should I fail to qualify. 

There are a number of tickets in my account which I'm looking to put to good use for the UO qualifiers, around 240 euros' worth at the moment.  The good thing is that there is plenty of time during which to qualify, and one would need to play on average of about 9 finals, in order to qualify (2000/230), so perhaps that should be my goal , to play 9 250 euro finals by then and hopefully cash in at least one of them. 

As the title would suggest, I will also be attempting to qualify to the Supermoon event each month and hopefully have some cashes on there too. It's a fun tournament 🙂 For the supermoon, firstly my poker points will be used (80 euros worth) and then will use the ~1160 bankroll for playing it, but always qualifying for less, otherwise I won't take part. 

Aiming to play on Wednesdays, Sundays and maybe some on other days during the week, so likely to try and update this blog once a week on a Monday  


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Good luck with the qualifiers and hope to see you in Bucharest! There'll also be a Unibet Open package up for grabs in the summer community league!

NB I'd strongly advise to do the mooning before you get to the casino, as that's generally not appreciated there 😄

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