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Private question to "Stubbe-Unibet"


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1 hour ago, UnknownSoldier said:


Hi, what happened to the option of getting your personal results sent to you via email?

I sent the request yesterday and it is the first time that the response from support was link to live chat instead of requested csv files.

Thanks in advance.

Got a CS manager looking into it. We'll get them sent to you.

You should have been sent your results on first contact, apologies.

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Sorry for bothering you here but I can't send private messages.

Did the format of the results CS sends change?

Last two times I asked for my results I got something completely unreadable and without total (cumulative) result:

20/12/2022 12:08,,buyout,0.00,27774053,"a",-50 NL",1790876873,0.99,99.85,49.55,-49.55,0.00,ok,

which is nowhere near what I was receiving before, namely in the format of:

Date, Game, Stake, Rake, Flops seen, Played hands, Buy-in amount, Cash-out amount, Profit/Loss per day and total in the end.

Is it possible to get the results in the latter format?

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!


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Just specify to CS what you need - looks like the send hand history stuff. Also, if it opens like on the above, you can change the delimiter in Excel settings - it is probably set as ; instead of ,

You can also go to Data --> Text to columns (under Data Tools) and do it manually for each document.

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