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Unusual players - possible colluders at NL100-200


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Hello! I`m playing on unibet recently , mostly nl100-200 . I`ve noticed some unusual players doing some crazy plays. They seem very very aggresive, when they play at the table there`s almost no orbit without a 3bet. I`ve played on many sites (Stars,GG,888) last couple of years and I`ve never seen something like this. Also, they tend to play late in the night/morning when there are less players and  higher posibility to play at the same table. This night I decided write down their nicknames and the table number, but they`re obviosly changing daily. I`m not gonna tell the names here, but if and admin contact me in private I`ll be letting him know for further investigations. I might be crazy or I`m not used with unibet players aggresivity but believe me, this is not something you face anywhere...

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2 hours ago, Stubbe-Unibet said:

You can send the aliases to @Andy-Unibet and he'll forward it for investigation. Also fine to post them here. You're not the first to say that NL100-200 isn't the same on Unibet as for instance Stars or GG 🙂 

I tried to send to @Andy-Unibet but it says I`m allowed to send 0 messages per day, idk why... Anyway, I`m gonna post the aliases here: Jurgent, Angelo01, ICEBERGYO. They played last night at about 3:30-4:00 AM EEST , table cg73324. They were playing in other tables too, but I think you`ll figure it out. Keep me up with the updates of the investigation here please. 

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I am being very curious about this as I have also noticed some strange players using very strange lines almost all the time in the same spot. It's as if they were a stupid bot or something showing up with hands that make no sense in that situation. I'm wondering if the original poster is talking about the same guys. However, I did not notice or suspect collision, but they were constantly raising ip in 3betpots and check raising turns after bet/calling the flop with total air hands. It's very exploitable, though, but it's something I haven't seen throughout the year before. Maybe just new players being stupid aggro but them using the same raise and bet sizes in the same spot is somewhat unusual to me. It makes no sense what they are doing but they're doing it in an organized pattern almost all the time.

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Thanks @Makiavelli for providing the information (and to you too @lovethisgame for the input). 👍

I’m sure Andy will look into this as soon as possible and will give updates.

4 hours ago, Makiavelli said:

it says I`m allowed to send 0 messages per day

Not sure about this one. Seems somewhat strange. Maybe new members need to gather few posts before having access to sending messages 🤔, or it’s just some glitch? Beats me. Does anyone know better?


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@Andy-Unibet Sorry to bother again. Could you check this one? 3 players draw my attention: Fromau, penny7, YTAMs 

I saw a very strange hand: 


Game #1763172979: Table €400 NL - 2.00/4.00 - No Limit Hold'Em - 00:38:03 2022/11/04
*** Seated players ***
Seat 1: fromau (€559.74)
Seat 2: ahesavc (€394)
Seat 3: Penny7 (€1733.66)
Seat 4: YTAMs (€1265.33)
Seat 5: 060 (€804.49)
Seat 6: Fuc-kDeranj (€510)
*** Blinds and button ***
fromau has the button
ahesavc posts small blind €2
Penny7 posts big blind €4
*** Hole cards ***
Dealt in ahesavc
Dealt to Penny7 [9s 4s]
Dealt in YTAMs
Dealt in 060
Dealt to Fuc-kDeranj [Qh Ac]
Dealt to fromau [Ts As]
*** Preflop ***
YTAMs folds
060 folds
Fuc-kDeranj raises €10 to €10
fromau raises €34 to €34
ahesavc folds
Penny7 raises €108 to €112
Fuc-kDeranj folds
fromau calls €78
*** Flop *** [9h 8c 2s]
Penny7 bets €90
fromau calls €90
*** Turn *** [9h 8c 2s] [7h]
Penny7 checks
fromau bets €132
Penny7 calls €132
*** River *** [9h 8c 2s] [7h] [4h]
Penny7 checks
fromau checks
*** Showdown ***
fromau shows [Ts As], High card
Penny7 shows [9s 4s], Two pairs, Nines up
Penny7 wins €677
*** Summary ***
Total pot €680 Rake €3
Seat 1: fromau: bet €334 and won €0, net result: €-334
Seat 2: ahesavc: bet €2 and won €0, net result: €-2
Seat 3: Penny7: bet €334 and won €677, net result: €343
Seat 6: Fuc-kDeranj: bet €10 and won €0, net result: €-10

Penny seem very aggresive but solid overall . I`ve never seen any reg cold 4betting 94s . He was running good, I assume he wasn`t on tilt, but even if he was, still..it`s very strange. There were more unusual spots, but I don`t remember... Faced so much aggression at this table. 

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