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Eurovision bets pending 12 hours, help?


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Hi, took part eurovision promotion play casino games some amount get 5€ risk free bet. Tried to bet 5e on eurovision winner it didn't accept full amount and gave choose option 1. put full 5e bet to manual checkout or 2. bet smaller amount instantly, I choose bet full amount to manual checkout so I can get risk free bet back if I lose because the promotion I tried to do. After that little later made bet on winner again and it gave same choosing options again and now I choose maximum amount it gave me to bet directly and placed other bet top 3 winner directly too max amount it let me bet, bets like 3€ and 2€ or something. Now those bets have been on pending 12h, what did I do wrong? Any change any of those bets going trough?  Can you please help? My login name is Korppi78.


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