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Oh yeah!


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👋 Hi bros! 👋
I love Unibet and challenges. This year I am going to combine these two loves.
Goal: to climb to the highest MTT limits without risking your bankroll. 🥳
Bankroll management:
Starting bankroll - €10. In case of bankruptcy - a deposit. The number of attempts is not limited. 🐠
Less than €10 - nano MTT
€10-20 - €1 MTT
€20-50 - €2 MTT
€50-100 - €5 MTT
€100-250 - €10 MTT
€250-500 - €25 MTT
More than €500 - €50 MTT
Are you saying my bankroll management is too conservative? Oh yeah! 🤓
The exception will be all sorts of leagues, for which I will make a deposit, and at the end I will withdraw.
I don't have a lot of time for Unibet, so I don't know how long the challenge will take. But I'll try to do it in a few days. 😎

Let's Go! 🚀 (🐢)

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Good luck with that. 

In terms of conservativeness, this bankroll isnt conservative at all, its one which can have very high risk of ruin... in terms of proffessionalness this should be never used, but for you it will sure be fun and you beat a lot of these games I know... but I hope its a challange thing and not your actual management. 

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53 minutes ago, SShcherbyna said:

@Estzen It was sarcasm. 🙃

 This challenge is more for fun than an illustration of proper bankroll management.

Not finding a joke of it, but I do know that you are a legit player, thats why it seemed even more weird! (

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Beat the cold with some blistering MTT action in our Winter Festival.

The festival features a PKO series, TURBO series, OMAHA series and SECOND CHANCE series.

Each one is a week-long and offers €2,800 in added leaderboard prizes. Should you win a series, you’ll get a €1,000 voucher for the Upswing Poker School, plus 50,000 bonus points.

Every day there are four events on the €5 to €10 stakes, with a €25 Main Event on Sunday.

Keep the poker fires burning this winter!

Good news! I am participating! (except for Omaha week)
I like the scoring system for PKO tournaments. It will be fun!

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Probably 1st time i personally give a shit about wars on the planet, take care mate! 💪

And really do hope you can take care of other people as well there, despite some egoistic online wankers mistelling the negative points out of that zone,  there is a conflict going on 💪

Rock on! It's worth it! 

And the struggle really is worth the future. 

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