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Unfinished game rounds 《SLOTS》

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Hi all!


I'm not sure of the exact term to use when I speak of these 'unfinished game rounds'..but I'm someone who has opened up a game on quite a few occasions..and find I have an existing spin and/or bonus round in process.  This occurs when ive exited a previous gaming session.  It's the result of a game that crashed..a device that died while in the midst of a spin..whatever.

Like I said I've been pleasantly  surprised quite a bit when opening a game and finding I'm already in a bonus or a spin.  These things are discovered randomly.

My question is..is there a way to determine which games (if any) have any unfinished games waiting for me.

Sounds on but I've found myself with some nice chunks of wins this way and if I have possible wins out there waiting to be claimed I would like to go to the specific game..and claim my wins.

Have a good one !


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@misskrystal4, I don't believe there's a way for you to see so, and I doubt even customer support would be able to. The issue is that every game provider has their own backoffice/tool, so they'd likely need to check every single one of them (there're A LOT), to determine unfinished rounds.

Should say I'm no expert on the matter, as it's been many years since I had anything to do with casino 🙂

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