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a SNG promo would be nice!


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Dear Unibet,

You are definitely best in the business when it comes to nlheSNG's. The 5max turbo is a perfect structure for this format. The amount of players in the pool is an evidence of this. Anyway, I think that there's many players who have totally missed this format on this site. 

This is why I suggest a promo, so every player in the world could get a chance to really enjoy this breath taking experience, playing your SNG's! 

Something like the last SNG leaderboard promo would be nice, but this time I'd like to see lower stakes including. 

You have really done a great job with these SNG's, and I can't see why a leaderboard promo wouldn't be anything else but a good idea!

So what do you guys think? This would mean a lot to me.

(at least I did my best with this sales pitch) 😄

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+1 to this. I keep checking the promo's waiting for something to stick my teeth into to put in lots of volume on unibet. A 5 man SnG or Hexapro promo (the guaranteed jackpots) would be wonderful. I like the MTT series leaderboard promo's too but unfortunately missed the start of this one!

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