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Ticket issue


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I have a  ticket that  will expire in 19 days ,is called " 1000 mission special", in which tournaments can I used it ?When I press on the ticket there is no list of tournaments to register.

thank you



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Hi there, 


I also have a query regarding a cash game ticket. The 'flops left' number doesnt apear to be going down as im playing. Is there a reason for this?  I have attached a picture of the cash game ticket. Ihave used this ticke to buy into 25nl cash gams over multiple sessions/days and ths nuber doesnt appear to be going down. Are you able to assist me with this? Also, is there an option to exchange the 25EUR cash game ticket for a play through bonus?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @SevenTrey 

While your actually on a table the ticket does not count down, but when you close your tables the new total of money and flops should appear after a few seconds. :wonder:

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