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February mission


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You need to play the Omaha the day after you played Holdem.

If you played Holdem on 27 February, then you need to play Omaha cash game on 28 February.
For you, 28 February doesn't count from 00:00, it counts from 01:00 because Unibet is on a different timezone. You can see it in the down right corner of the picture.

When you play Omaha cash game, you need to reach 10 flops. Count them.

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Exactly.  I twisted a bit forgetting the time zone and started playing a few minutes after 00:00 CET 🤣.

Thank you very much for an exception, and I feel honored 🆒, but I felt that who, if not you, can make a Saturday evening to become better. 🆗 :peace:.

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