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How to properly use a cash game ticket


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I received a 10€ ticket for cash game. I found out I can use it only on NL10 tables. Im used to always top up my stack to 100BB.
Whats the best way to play with that ticket? Sit down on 2 NL10 tables with half stack or go for one table? 
Im wondering how you other use those cash game tickets

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I hit the table with min buy-in + 0.01 and if i lose i'm still gonna get the rest in cash. NL/PL: If i double i'm leaving and open 2x tables and so on until i get 4x tables but always have the balance of the ticket 1cent under the minimum buy-in no matter what. I'm making sure i always get something. Usually i chose PLO if the ticket permits it, since it's easier to see more flops. This time my run was cut short, i got it in on the Flop with bottom set vs 2pair and a flushdraw and my opponent got there, GG. :happyshy:

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