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UaintGotiT.. story of my pokerlife


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Hey UB community,

As i find myself in love with the pokergame again, i started writing about my story (https://juliano4fun.wixsite.com/mylifeonthegrind)  to keep track of my poker journey and now decided to share it here for the lulz.

Too lazy to rewrite my reintroduction just copy pasting first entries from my blog until end of october :-)



New year, new me.. hmm scrap that, but allow me to reintroduce myself, I am J*, 35 year old from Belgium currently living in Brussels.

I had a blog many years ago ( back in '08) where I would write about my pokerlife when the poker BOOM was raging and I got bitten myself by the poker bug.


I recently stumbled upon that blog ( in dutch) https://mylifeonthegrind.blogspot.com/ and it was a great read for me as I had forgotten many of the stories I shared back then.

Also after years of absence from the poker field, I started playing in a very recreational way as I now work full time leading a training fund, am married and father to the sweetest imaginable 5 year old girl.

The recreational grind started again somewhere around the beginning 2019 but with big lapses of time in which i wouldn't play at all.


How did i got the poker stuff restarted u ask?


Well i always have been a big computer game enthusiast and as such, have always kept an eye out on twitch for some poker streamers like Unibet ambassador David.


Now poker-wise, I used to be a hardcore cash-game grinder back in the days when poker sites would just throw insane signup bonus/rakeback deals just to try to get your action but since I restarted playing a bit more, I haven't been able to enjoy the pure cashgame grind as I used to many years ago.

Off course, the poker climate has changed drastically with the abundance of free or relatively cheap material to improve one's pokergame resulting on games where the vast majority understand at least the basics of poker, even at the lowest stakes. Still, even without having read any extensive theoretical material well over a decade, I have been beating the 10nl games on Unibet for a decent chunck of green but I find the 25nl stakes to be quite challenging as the stake regulars have a decent grasp of what it means to be (over) aggro in cashgame. As of now, I believe I am only a slight winner/ breakeven player on 25nl, but I lack a decent samplesize as I haven't been grindin much cashtables in the last couple of months.

Back in the day, I would sometime play poker tournaments but I never really quite enjoyed them ( or shipped anything substantial lol) as I enjoyed the much faster paced cash game action up to 100nl online.


Anyway, from watching twitch streamers/ poker end-bosses like Jaime Staples or Fintan Hand or Ian ;-), I slowly got the idea to maybe start some donkaments from time to time.

Playing on Unibet, I was pretty amazed how low the level of play is in tournaments and as the fields are pretty small compared to the 1k plus fields of pokerstars, I even found myself shipping some donk.. euhm I mean tournaments for 50x buyin while still feeling like I knew very little about them except for having heard terms like ICM, knowing that aggression is key around the bubble or to abuse the shorties when u build a big stack lol.


Some examples of (very) low stakes tournament results from 2019:


Anyway, after asking a 2019 mtt graph from Unibet somewhere around february 2020 where i had 100% of my mtt action, i was surprised to see that I shipped around 800eur in 2019, which is amazing since I couldn't be bothered to play anything else that the 2€ multiverse tournament and the 2€ galaxy on rare occasions since it ends so late ( between 1 and 2 am).

Playing ( and winning) these tournaments, I discovered that I much more enjoyed the thrill of shipping a tournament over 30,60 or 200 players, than winning yet another AA vs KK 4bet pot in cashgames. Also, I discovered that I tilt way more from losing that same AA vs KK in cashgame than losing a flip with AK vs TT for final table chiplead with 15 left..

Adding all these ingredients together, it was now clear that I would play way more tournaments in 2020 when I would have the time to do so.


How did our hero fare into the messy world of MultiTableTournaments in 2020? stay tuned for next update and find out :-)





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may 2020 update:

♪Turn up baby, turn up, when I turn it on

You know how I get too lit when I turn it on

Can't handle my behavior when I turn it on

Too fast, never ask, if the life don't last♪♪

After the realization of my newfound love for tournament poker, I started 2020 still cheating with my old cashgame love, grinding a bankroll to be able to play 25nl after i cashed out my roll in December to spend in the holiday season. I would still play a tournament on occasion but nothing spectacular.

Its only from halfway march and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that I started playing more tournaments and slowly making it my main game.

One of the main reasons for the transition was a new passed law going into effect in April that prohibited online casino's to hand out any kind of bonuses or play incentives to players.

For example, one of the bonus i got last year:


In this bonus, players losing 20 or more in 1 week get a free tournament ticket where the top100 finishers get 40.


The new lam prohibiting Belgian players from partaking in any bonuses means that we as players are at a major disadvantage as these bonuses are a inherent part of a players earning from poker.


This fact accelerated my transition as I didn't have any incentive for grinding cash games anymore and from mid April, I started viewing myself as a tournament player and stopped playing cash-games altogether.


I stated in my previous post that my knowledge of tournament play was very limited but this didn't stop me from playing tournaments lol..and I guess my luckbox was nicely filled because I quickly shipped a tournament over 147 players for my then best score of my newborn tournament life:


Because of the pandemic, i was working from home and keeping my daughter at the same time in a time period that is the busiest in my line of work ( I'm managing a training fund) meaning I didn't manage to find much time to grind in April.


I did get an email from Unibet stating that the Unibet Online series ( UOS), a tournament series with buy ins ( entree fee) range from low to high, would be running the first 3 weeks of may!


In my mind, this could only mean 1 thing: LET'S GET OUR GRIND ON!


After receiving the spousal ok, I then started grinding the satellites and did pretty well in them ( a satellite is a lower buy in or entree fee tournament that gives out a number of tickets for a higher entry fee tournament):


Despite my resolution to grind hard during the UOS, I didn't manage to find much time in the first 2 weeks of May to play the events I wanted, still I did play some tournaments and did fairly well in them, ending in the money ( paid places of tournaments) more often than not.



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In no particular order 

untitled image
untitled image

Our hero also did pretty good in some UOS events, in order of shiippingz:


1) E88 Rebuy Nano: shiiip


2) UOS83: runner up!


3) going places: good luck mister J*


4) non UOS event but nice score in the galaxy



5) started from the bottom...now we getting somewhere lol


UOS125: 4 left as the shortstack but without a care in the world as i was guaranteed at least 242


3 left and our hero is still short..but guaranteed 329!


Aaaaaand headsup lol: the headsup lasted 1 hand as villain woke up with AKs and flopped the world..but biggest shiiiip for hero for his first tournament month: 451


That's right, not bad for a few hours of clicking buttons lol


So yeah, May was pretty good poker-wise, I feel like I won way more money than I deserve playing a poker format I know very little about but it feels damn good to see that decent amounts of money can still be made in poker with more or less basic understanding of some poker concepts.

Moving forward, I want to start studying tournament poker as I find myself unsure of the correct action in too many spots and know for sure I'm playing way too tight toward the end of tournaments.

Poker Goals for June:

1) get a membership on a training site and study for at least 4 hours a week

2) get the business side of poker in order (taxes wise)

3) lower the table count to focus more on each action while playing( i was playing 9 tables..)

In short: bankroll UP, weight DOWN


Before I leave: I like to put song lyrics in my titles and posts as they reflect my mood or state of mind while writing my posts.

For this post, I chose the song i have been using on all my tournament final tables on loop, it's clearly a winning song !



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♫And, baby, you could have whatever you like (if you like)♫ aka june 2020 update!

Stacks on deck (deck)

Patron on ice (ice)

And we can pop bottles all night

And, baby, you could have whatever you like (if you like)

I said you could have whatever you like (if you like), yeah (yeah)


Ok so June is officially gone, so I guess it's time for an update, not feeling terribly inspired so this will be a short update .

After a good poker month of May, I was hyped for June and hoped to at least confirm my status as a mtt grinder and hopefully keep the goodrun alive.


Things started well, cashing in some tournaments and feeling great overall but from the 5th of June until the 15th of June, I had a first taste of mtt variance as I was unable to grow a stack in any tournaments and losing all my allin flips as a big favorite.


The fact that i punted some stacks because of impatience during these days didn't help much but things turned around toward the end of the month as I did keep grinding when things were looking grim.

I'm glad I didn't stop playing as i managed a new personal best, winning 504$ in a 5$ reload tournament!


some other note-worthy finishes:


So all in all, we did pretty good as I managed to secure around 750 in June, and although it's less than what I made in May, I'll still take it!

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Looking back on my goals for June:

1) get a membership on a training site and study for at least 4 hours a week

==> I failed this one pretty hard but i have better hopes for July as I did subscribe to learnpropoker in June and the goal is to actually get to study this month

Time to study!!


2) get the business side of poker in order (taxes wise)

==> I managed to get an appointment with an accountant and he is currently setting up the poker business, all my winnings will be declared to the tax office!.. not sure if I should cheer or start crying..


3) lower the table count to focus more on each action while playing( i was playing 9 tables..)

==> this one is still a work in progress but the table count goes drastically down as the session progresses and I find myself putting more thought in my decisions that way. Also, as I'm playing on multiple poker sites, I am still trying out a lot of different tournaments to see which ones fit me best. For example, I have found that bounty tournaments tilt me way more as the math behind them dictate a more liberal gamble style given the increased odds because of the bounties at play. Also, it should be noted I suck at them and need to learn the format better before donating my money again.

  Life Goals


GET IN SHAPE lol ==> after a back injury in December 2019, I gained a ridiculous amount of weight as I had to give up any sports for a few months and i love eating good food. Just as I started going back to working out, the pandemic hit and I couldn't be bothered working out on my own..so yeah much kilo's to lose for our hero.

==> WIN!! I started the month by buying weights and I have been working out almost every day during the month. The fact that I'm still working form home because of the ongoing epidemic helped a lot in setting up a fixed workout schedule ( before I start work or during my lunch hour)


In addition, I also started eating healthy food and avoiding alcohol, allowing myself just 1 cheat meal during weekends to be able to go out dinning with my wife.


I kept track of my evolution andit looks pretty good as I managed to lose a bit over 5kg during June!


Anyway, lets have a look at July 2020:


Poker Goals for July:


1) study for at least 4 hours a week and join a study group


2) average 5 sessions a week


3) create a pre-session routine to get mentally ready to grind. I have found myself auto-piloting too much in June.


Life Goals for July:


Continue working out at least 5 times a week and eating healthy, hoping to dive under 80 kg by August.




oh, I'm thinking sharing my story on the 2+2 forum, will see how that goes..anyways..



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Can't get it out of my head♪..

summer- autumn update


It's drivin' me out of my mind

That's why it's hard for me to find

Can't get it out of my head




After starting with a bang earlier in the year, summer was very mediocre poker-wise. In july, i took advantage of the fact the government allowed the population to move more freely after months of lockdown or lockdown-type measures.

This means that I didn't have the same grind on the mind attitude i had prior to summer hitting.


When I did get back on the grind in August, I got colddecked pretty hard in tournaments, losing what felt like every hand I would get involved in.

Around this time, I also started playing on Pokerstars and Bwin and often found myself playing way too many tables. To keep it brief, i just went into MONKEY TILT, the more I was doing poorly, the less drive I found to keep on the grind and I think I stopped playing for the month of August around the 21st and just enjoyed the sun, friends, life in general and the preparations for a 3 week holiday in September.


The holiday trip had me visiting the beautiful Azorean again!

I had the pleasure to fill my days with fishing, swimming and enjoying life to the fullest.


Some pictures from my trip:

untitled image
untitled image
untitled image

Back to school


After the vacation, it took me until end of September to get back into grindmode.

It helped that I ran moderately well in those last days of September which got me in the mood to log major hours during October.

Nothing major, but many smaller cashes to get me back in the game.

untitled image
untitled image
untitled image


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Poker is so much easier when playing with rungood and this was certainly the case during the first half of October where I did really well in most of my sessions.

  • shipped a decent amount of tournaments:

untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
  • ... or had nice deep finishes, can't win em all right?

untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
  • even luckboxed a 50eur bounty twice in Unibet freerolls :-)

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  • During October , Unibet was running an Online Series again ( UOS), and because of reasons, i wasn't able to grind late during the two weeks the series ran, HOWEVER I managed to score a big WIN in one of the few ones I played.

After winning a 10eur ticket in a satellite, I decided to play a 4k guaranteed Bounty tournament and I was fortunate enough to run pure during all the tournament. Since it was a bounty tournament, it means that i was raking in a lot of bounties on my way to the final table, winning virtually every flip and building a big stack...

and then this happened with 7 players left..


..and then a few hands later.. a nice 3 way all in ship


I have seen lots of guys sunrun late in tournaments but I can honestly say this is the first time I'm that gay and it was a weird feeling..in a good way lol!


Anyway, after winning this huuuuuge flip 3 way versus 2 players that were waaaaay beter than me,


i ended winning my headsup game for a very nice shiiip of €478 after sending home 373 players:


So yeah, October was a nice poker month with nice 1k+ profits...however, I failed to do any studying so still somehow disappointing that I didn't get myself to take time off the table to put in study hours. I fully realize that this is a must if I want to play anything higher than low-stakes tournaments in the near future.





- 6 study sessions of at least 4 hours on learnpropoker

- analyse at least 15 hands in depth

- review the high stakes bounty tournament session from egption

- Get back into sports routine and lose weight ( the new lockdown had all my sport activities canceled..)

-keep a low table count when playing ( between 4 and 6)



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I see you on a lot of tables, you sure appear as one of the better regs. There's no point in telling my names because I change them a lot, but let's just say my name have been in your screenshots :p Is there a reason you keep the same name? Not afraid of regs knowing how you play, or do you like to balance and knowing them knowing? My story is a bit the same as yours, it's cool knowing someone in Brussels (Bruges me) is on a similar path. I didn't play in the summer though, like you said I enjoy hanging out more than spending countless hours bricking tourneys when the weather's good etc. I kinda agree with your tilting issue cash for mtt, however, I can shake off a KK<QQ or whatever easier on cash (because you play so deep and so many hands, one all-in will not suffice for the nit or luckboxer) than a really deep run in a 200+ people mtt and instead of chipleading busting for the mincash. I'm gonna finish my month +1.2k. Like you, I knew "nothing" of mtt's, started in march and it's amazing what it has accumulated to (yes the 50+buyins swings happened too), I hope I finish december strong. GL to you and I look forward reading more.

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hey waffel ,thx for the reply, nice to hear im considered an decent mtt reg even if i feel like a total noob in a lot of spots ;-)

Nice to have fellow belgians, feel free to pm if u wanna link up.

As for th sn, i feel like most regs use the same alias and playing so many mtt's, I don't mind battling it out and it adds so crazy dynamics sometimes as 

I am capable of clicking buttons 😛 also,it forces me to focus harder in some spots since "i know they know" im not a random, if that makes any sence . 

In addition, i don't consider myself a real mtt reg yet as im mostly playing mtt's up to 10eur, the real regs are playing 25eur+ i feel, at least thats the feel i get when  facing way better players in the UAS25+ fields, like the drastic increase of  % of big blind defence or call to cbet. in the 5eur range, I'm fairly confident I'm not getting outplayed too much and I do win most of my HU matches.

In the end,if i feel like my "known'" sn is detrimental to my game, i will just start switching between tabels 🆒


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I don't know if it's allowed sharing but I am on a discord (gaming) group and we have a poker section where around 5 people play almost daily on Unibet and post beats/wins,etc. https://discord.gg/yr2W4B6
It's Flemish though (not that you can't join as french speaking, but it's going to be hard :p I speak both though, my father is from Brussels) Feel free to join if u like and maybe discuss hands or just have some fun laughing with Timothee and Pizdapool. I usually post some cool spots and stuff while I'm playing. I also only play 5euro tourneys for now or a lower stake turbo one. Like you I don't feel like I have the knowledge to beat 25+ tourneys,  but I would not know, it's hard to tell with the variance. I am, however, looking to team up with some guys to discuss hands and stuff and move up. I am very honest about my game and self-reflect a lot, I don't mind being called the biggest fish in the ocean. I just try to explain every move I make, right or wrong. I can only go by my results, and they have always been good at micro stakes. 



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♪Blame it on my own sick pride, Blame it on my ADD baby♪ November 2020 update!

This is how I show my love.

I made it in my mind because

I blame it on my ADD baby.

 After a satisfying poker month of October, I kept the momentum going in November, grinding my ass off as I totaled 25 evening sessions in November!

This is an insane number since I'm also working fulltime in a pretty demanding job and taking care of some of the household chores. As my session are played between 7pm and 2am, it does mean that I had a lot of days where i was completely exhausted and had to autopilot work on redbull.

Luckily for me, logging all these hours also resulted in by far my best poker month EVER!


To have an idea of a Sunday schedule:


First a selection of nice cashes, not more than a selection as I did pay 1 gazillion mtt's :

untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
untitled image
untitled image

Big run in 350 player field:

One of the reasons I like Unibet so much is that the average tournament field is pretty small in general in comparison to other bigger sites with lots of regulars. Most tournaments only take around 5 hours from start to finish, which is perfect for my schedule as I try to go to bed around 2 am the latest.

But sometimes, there are some events that attract more people, this was such an event, a 5euro buyin 2500€ leaderboard tournament with 350 players.

These kind of tournaments are great value as it attracts a lot of recreational players and some regulars.

After battling for a few hours, I found myself in a very soft final table with recreational players to put it politely, so I was pleased to see that i had a decent chance to win the tournament.

Anyway, fast forward to the hand that got me Heads-Up:


The heads-up game was very much in my favor as I found a pretty passive opponent that didn't adjust correctly to my aggressive play..


..which netted me a nice win!

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Coming from this win, I now had time to start my grind for the UnibetOnlineSeries X event, a tournament series that take place on Unibet every few months.

To prepare for this, i played a lot of satellites and did really well in them :

untitled image
untitled image
untitled image

For this UOS series, I was very excited to be able to play some tournaments above my average buyin range, I saw it as an opportunity to see how games play at the midstakes.


I started the serie with a bang, getting close to final tables in a few events and also finishing 2nd in a UOS low event:


..and getting megadeep in a 2days 25€ event, but finishing 5th after this heartbreaking runout vs the chipleader:


Top 3 would have been epic but it is what it is, and I can't complain getting this deep in a big 422 player midstake tournament.

Getting this 2 score early in the series ment that I could now relax and see what the rest of the series would bring, but during the remaining of November, I ran pretty poorly, unable to run a stack up, or getting my stacks smashed in lots of coolers and bad beats.

As I never managed to turn the downswing around, I ended November being a bit up in the series but feeling saddened as the potential was enormous..

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BUT as it goes, I did manage to get my BIGGEST WIN EVER outside the UOS series after securing a 3rd place in a HUGE 10.000$ guaranteed tournament with 1056 players!


So YES, November was good to me as I secured my biggest month ever, these amounts still feel unreal to me 9 months after deciding to give tournaments a go.


- 6 study sessions of at least 4 hours on learnpropoker

- analyse at least 15 hands in depth

- review the high stakes bounty tournament session from egption

- Get back into sports routine and lose weight ( the new lockdown had all my sport activities canceled..)

-keep a low table count when playing ( between 4 and 6)


Looking back at the goals i had for November/December, I'm also pleased that i finally picked up studying as I did 3 study sessions in which I reevaluated my ranges for 100bb stacks and 40bb stacks. I also managed to review 3 hands that I had saved during past months using ICMizer to try to get a better grasp of my calling range versus different stacksizes and positions.

Still lots to go about but I plan to take a week off after the UOS series ends ( dec 13th) to focus on studying as I had a chance to realize that some midstakes regs really know how to apply pressure in the lategame, resulting in me overfolding in some spots.

i did however fail on the getting back to sports part but this will bemy priority when UOS X ends and I can back to a milder grind routine.

next update will be in 2021 and I will see if I can reflect on my first year of MTT poker :-)


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  • 1 month later...

yeah I will update December and January in a few days. haha yeah I have been putting in some sessions and we battled a bit I believe, mostly in satties I think but u are running better than me, gratz on your recent supernova's results!

Have been playing everything up to 10eur R/A and started adding some 25s bounties lately and the odd 50eur buying when i bink a ticket, will need a few more big cashes before i start regging 25R/A's regularly.

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  • 1 year later...

HAHA looks like a few days became a full year 😅😆

Too lazy to write a full 2021 review but I had a very decent year considering the fact I only started playing mtt's in 2020.

Too bad the Unibet Dashboard shows everything since it's launch in july 2021, but it gives an idea of my winrate on unibet lowstakes mtt's for the past 8 months:


Making 7eur per mtt in return is not bad at all, the plan is to improve these numbers!

Some memorable finishes from the past months:

supermoon FT bubble finish:


Nice ticket grind, feeling like a highroller :


Titan ship:


also some binks on Gg that started operating in Belgium last summer:


Overall, I feel i have not been running extremely good as I had same though variance heavy months, but pleased with how things went and hopeful for some nice results in 2022. I also believe I have binked each Unibet mtt name in the 2eur to 25eur range at some point, while some mtt's like the galaxy 5eur R/A or baby multiverse have been my bread and butter mtt's where my confidence level is pretty high.


Next to poker, I have been particularly busy since 2020 researching and investing my poker winnings into crypto projects, particularly the Cardano ecosystem, which allows me to this day to be able to invest early in projects with huge potential.  

This process is time-consuming, but as I'm closing on a 6 figure crypto folio, it seems like raiding my pokerroll was the good choice.


Feel free to check out my twitter as I started recently sharing info about the projects I follow: https://twitter.com/Konekt_WMT

Im also planning on operating a node in the world mobile ecosystem soon 🙂 

anyway, back to pokerrrrrr.. in my next post as Im holding a pokerblog during the current UOS series !


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So January & February 2022 prior to UOS.. after a pretty bad month of November 2021 and lack of motivation in December, I got my mojo back on 01/01/2022 as I made it a good resolution

to reconnect with the Unibet mtt recs 😜

I had cashed out my poker roll in December and started January with 123eur on 01/01/2022 on Unibet and 111usd on Gg poker... time to grind!!

It helps to run g00t when in dire need of rebuilding a roll.. 🙂


nice bink after winning a 10eur satty..and sunrunning the entire field accumulating all the bounties haha


what can I say, we ran g00t!


Nice almost back-to-back wins in the galaxy!  




Suffice to say that we ran pretty good from the beginning of the year as we ran up the poker roll to 2.442eur by half February ! Not bad for a hobby 🙂 




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Can't edit or delete previous post that got messed up.. so here it goes..

€500,000 Unibet Online Series XV

So running good and playing fairly well got me excited about the UOS series and I'm planning on keeping track with this blog.

 I started the ticket grind early and it went pretty well, binked a fee 25s en 50s tickets that should ocme in handy.


DAY 1 of UOS:

Played a busy Sunday grind schedule and added all non rebuy UOS events and managed to get into day 2 of the 2.500eur UOS Rebuy Low 2-Days!

But first, let me talk to you about an illusive bastard mtt that has singlehandedly managed to put me on lifetilt several times during 2021 as I have suffered the most disgusting coolers in many important ev situations... THE ICE GIANT BOUNTY

After managing a 7th place finish 1 week prior to UOS start..



I finally caught some goodrun and even managed to get some hands that held lategame, resulting in a long overdue BINK! 

The monetary amount is nice off course but I feel like some kind of curse have been lifted and I may now grind Unibet at ease 😆



DAY 2 of UOS:

I started the session pretty tired after a long Sunday session and pretty demanding Monday office day, but had to play as I had made day 2 of the 2.500 UOS Rebuy low..

I can't recollect many memorable hands and didn't save key moments but stared the day 2 with a below average stack and somehow managed to grind my way into the Final table.. where I managed to run into AA twice 😬




2 spots where we are never getting away and nothing more to do than accepting the variance I guess. Not the ending hero deserved but another UOS final table to add to our resumé and sure many will follow.. good start of UOS!

If I may, I do feel like something is wrong with the structure of this mtt as it feels pretty gross to have to grind 9 hours and getting FT in a fairly big Unibet field only nets you about 4 times your buyin.. 🤢 Unless u  finish top 3, this feels like there are way better options out there. For example, GG has big fields that take 8 hours but will reward the remaining players with way better prices ( 35x for 6th).. 


Oh, and on another note, I binked a ticket for a 14man sng called Mercury Blue Bounty.. and was lucky enough to ship it!


no complaints here to be noted 😆, just ship it! 

DAY 3 of UOS:

after 2 long sessions, decided to take a break from poker.. and update my blog haha! 

Gl on the tables!



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