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  1. Yeah or even have like a monthly tournament over 2 days with some qualifiers and have a special avatar for the winner or something.
  2. I think a higher buy in Banzai tournament might be fun with the same format as the £5 version. Also, would there be any appetite for creating a Heads up Tournament? Like max players 16/32 that all have to pre register? Could be a fun one.
  3. Could you guys take a look at the 200NL Banzai Tables - lots of winning a big pot then switching table with min stack - have some player names if that is useful
  4. Got a 2nd and a 4th tonight - didn't realise that the Supermoon tickets were already won, shouldn't have played so scared
  5. @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet I have a problem - I regged both tournaments earlier in the day with my community alias. I log on now and am playing cash with mathiass444 alias, and the PLO tournament switches the name to use this alias. Will this effect the leaderboard if I cash, because I am absolutely certain I registered with LLinusLLomu and didn't unregister.
  6. Just loggedin and saw I had a notification. I presume this is just a bug as there is no ticket in my account?
  7. Might have been a mistake on my part talking about one of the 1 euro entry's
  8. Ok thanks. I was just wondering, I looked at the high leader board and I am not there. Is there a problem?
  9. Managed to save some face after yesterdays performance with a win in the PKO. Sadly I thought the turbo was like the Deep Space, where I usually get going in the 5th bullet . Any possibility of adding an additional rebuy for next week - especially for the Banzai. I was also wondering does a leaderboard get posted every week or just at the end? Thanks.
  10. It's ok - I decided I would simply not cash either tournament for simplicity
  11. Hi, I had a glitch where I switched name for another tournament and couldn't unregister, meaning my name is not LLinusLLomu for the 5 euro PKO - instead it is IGOR773 - does this disqualify me for today?
  12. Hi @Stubbe-Unibet, I'm not sure if this is ratholing, but if a player will snap sit out everytime a rec/weak player stops playing is this considered ratholing or is this ok, thanks.
  13. First week total buy ins- 1185 First week total cashes - 862.78 Total P/L - 322.22 So ater the first week I would be down 322 euro had I directly bought in to every event. Luckily this is not the case as I was grinding many sattelites for the 50 and 100 events, witha great roi, although I wish I had tracked them all. I have played few other tournaments as Febuary saw me back in college, although I had a few good score (350-400). I was a small winner across the month - about 1500 euros. Looking forward to some bigger buy in events at the weekend. I find it strange that I performed better in the Mid buy ins - I haven't cashed a "Low" yet, although I struggle to give a 5 euro buy in the same respect as a 100 etc. Will try to work on this. I remain competitive in the Mid leaderboard and I am in the 30's overall. Will try post daily results this week.
  14. Ok, first week of the series finished. A few deepsih runs but nothing crazy yet - I have played all High, Medium and Low buy ins. It's hard to do all chronologically so I will put them all by how they appear in the lobby. Event Buy in Cash E18 10 X E11 5 X E30 5 X E40 5 X E27 5 X E14 5 X E8 5 X E43 20 X E24 20 X E5 20 X E37 20 X E34 20 48.48 E21 20 X E2 20 X E25 50 X E19 50 X E12 25 46.77 E31 25 5.88 E35 50 X E28 25 X E22 50 472.90 E15 25 X E44 100 X E6 100 X E38 100 X E41 50 107.57 E9 50 64.39 + 116.79 E3 100 X E32 100 X E16 100 X
  15. Well, its been a while since I have updated my blog - no Supernova wins to report . I have been quite busy in Feb with college and other ventures so I could not grind like January. We booked a winning month in Feb, with a large portion of the BR withdrawn for reasons outside of poker. I will use this blog to keep a record of the UOS this series - I aim to play the Low, Medium and High events, and compete for the leaderboards. I will play the 1.1K MAIN EVENT, 250UK, 300 Highroller, aswell as all the low stakes events. The last series - a bounty series saw me take 7th in the leaderboard - I aim to beat that and I have a few attempts. I will post my finish in each event and will count all buy ins/ cashes in a months time at the end of the series. I will play other tournies but that will be excluded from this blog. My aim is to make 10000 euro profit, similar to my best month ever. Lets hope I haven't jinxed it and will have to report on a 5000 euro downsing GL everyone and I will keep you posted. LL
  16. Hi, So will the 2 tickets I have now be able to be used in April, because I have had no opportunity to use them yet and they may have a shorter expiry? Thanks
  17. Hi I am aware that the rakebake scheme is being overhauled from April onwards, which is great. Although The main rakeback I have earned over months of playing are the tickets to the freeroll. I was told that I could not extend my ticket, as it had to be played the quarter it was earned. I see that there are no Freerolls in the lobby - I thought there are usually 2 scheduled? Can I get a reply on this because this is effectively reducing my rakeback greatly. Thanks
  18. Could I have an excel data spread of all my mtts from 24th December to end of January. Could I also have the same for SNGS al different stakes. Is it possible to have all the tournaments named and results? If not the buy ins and cashes is fine thank you!
  19. Hi Andy, I think a 2 day event either weekly/ monthly would be a cool addition. I think players would lean towards a monthly one if it was a higher guarantee like the UK Tour with some sats running. Thanks!
  20. Its been a while - ended up 7th in the PKO series - disapointed but I won the book and I know I played poorly in the last few days - January was my greatest month of volume ever and I had few days off and had an unbelievable winning month. I took a few days off to rest, and get ready for return of college. I played today for the freeroll - won a 50MTTand played some tables on the side - only 4/5, no 10 tabling madness today. Ended up taking 3rd in Dark Matter and shipping the Galaxy for the umpteenth time, glad to book a win - about 450 to start the month, although I barely played my regular schedule. Will try hop into the Big Bang PKO if I'm not busytomorrow. GL for February everyone :cash: .
  21. Felt much happier during today's session - only 6 houts long and mainly 5/6 tabling, sometimes less. Quality of play improved and had a real shot at the 25 bounty, was 2nd in chips 40 to go - had I one this hand I would have been massive chipleader and really couls have went on to win/ get loads of bounties for the leaderboard. Looks like I'll end up between 5-10 when all is over, very dissapointing but not undeserved. Also got 6th in the Galaxy which was a sickner.
  22. Yeah I saw that - will come in useful I'd imagine.
  23. Poor day today, probably minus 300 ish. And busted the 50 neptune in a stupid spot I believe final 2 tables. Not sure if chasing these bounties is worth it , would need to talk to someone more knowledable vs having a stack later on for tournaments. Worst fay of the series so far, and I have fallen to 3rd in the Leaderboard, 11 off the top. 3 days left, will obviously play all events - I feel a massive run in the Omaha is my best chance but being a fish I shouldn't reg at 200BB deep - last time I got all in pre with AAQT 2 suits against 2 random hands and lost - and it was a freezeout which is crucial. But yeah I didn't play great today so I will need to reset for tomorrow, make good decisions and see. Even if I get 3rd that alone covers all buy ins considering I satteied into many, and that leaves out cashes altogether which are over 4 figures. Strange not having a final table to post again today, but I really haven't been playing regular schedule of well, everything, and I certainly will take a day or 2 off at the end of the series. GL tomorrow everyone
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