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  1. hello, I also had a chip race ticket that expired, can this be changed to a UOS? ladyluckpls is my sn on Unibet thx for your help!
  2. hello, I also had a chip race ticket that expired, can this be changed to a UOS? ladyluckpls is my sn on Unibet
  3. https://www.coolblue.be/en/product/834151/msi-optix-mag321curv.html this one is 4k and also for gamers and cheaper..
  4. I do game lol, i play apex almost everyday, but dontt need max specs
  5. https://www.coolblue.be/en/product/863095/hp-omen-gt11-0370nd.html#product-specifications this is what im thinking of getting as computer. for 4k screen, any suggestions? curved, wide,..? what are the important specs?
  6. cheerz for answers, I don't do advanced stuff, other than grinding , I just play games like Apex predator and Overwatch. at the moment im using a 2 screen setup of 27inch and 24inch so i do have some space on my desk or can get a bigger desk is 1440p a good resolution or should I look for UHD 4k?
  7. hey guys, Im planning on buying a new computer and screen and am wondering what screen I should use. I currently have a 27inch (1920x1080) and am looking for higher resolution and maybe 30 inch+, but i can see a lot of options: wide, ultrawide,.. and have no idea what's best for poker. I usually play between 6 and 14 tables of mtt on multiple sites... looking forward to your experiences
  8. Errare humanum est Andy These things happen, thankfully very rarely on Unibet and in the end, the issue was well-managed and u had our interests at heart so u are forgiven It's true some calculation errors were made but there was open communication and all in all, they got quickly corrected ( a matter of a few hours), so thank you Andy, Ian on twitch and the Unibet team who helped sort this thing out! For future issues, I really feel there has to be some kind of direct communication done with the impacted players other than twitch or this forum. If an email had be sent to me and other affected players, it would have taken away a lot of confusion so maybe that's something that can be looked upon within the poker team.
  9. nice, i bet u won't forget this supermoon edition Andy The bounties looks correct now, but pls allow me to nag a bit more for 10th and 11th player as it makes quite the difference, yesterday it was confirmed on twitch the calcalution would be done on ICM with 11 and now it was done on chip count chop.. https://ibb.co/BZF8FBK
  10. hmm im the tenth player, but I still don't understand these adapted numbers lol my questions: 1) is the amount under "total 11 way refund" the icm amount I should receive based on my stack? so 1617 total without accounting my own bounty? 2) am i correct saying that for my situation, the bounty amount still isn't taken into consideration? 3) when u say a player gets his bounty back, shouldn't be the face value that was on the table? if so, my number is wrong.. https://ibb.co/59f8jY0 @Kekejormathe end of day1 stats https://ibb.co/j88BQm2
  11. yeah the stacks are correct, i have same numbers on the screenshot i took after day1, but icm numbers look a bit off and no bounty amount was paid today to me.. https://www.icmpoker.com/icmcalculator/#OSnn waiting for the update @Andy-Unibet:-)
  12. didn't bother to read all thread but the mtt gamelab section should show total bi's paid , abi, reloads, amount made,.. now its a random number of cashes that say nothing. the lab could show +5k while in reality im down 15k
  13. is there a date and schedule yet for UOS XI?
  14. @Stubbe-Unibet any info on what happens to unused PKO tickets after today?
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