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Nov / Dec Build a Bankroll Challenge


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Hey guys, 

Haven't played poker on Unibet for about 7 months. Took a break. Recently I started to learn spin and gos and played a bit on pokerstars. Did OK just playing $1 stake. Made about 20 buyins over about 500 games, and my chip Ev was fairly good. But pokerstars always does my head in with the runouts. I only played there as I took a break from here using the responsible gaming about 6 months ago lol, and it hadn't quite expired when I wanted to start playing again. 

I had a great welcome back to Unibet... Deposited £60 ... got it to about £120 on sports bet... then had a 10/1 bet come in on Tennis for £900 profit! That was about 5 weeks ago, I also withdrew it! Unfortunately... I lost about £800 back to another betting site... But still ended up about £120 overall. 

Anyway Unibet is my favorite poker site so It's good to be playing here again. The client has had an overhaul since I last played, functionally I think it's much better, but I do think it could do with some colour instead of the drab blacks and greys all over the client :) At least the tables are nice and colorful. 

I deposited £61 = 68 euros earlier tonight, and decided to play 10 euro HUSNG's. 

For now that's where I'm going to look to build the bankroll up I know only 6 buys in lol. But If I bust I'll redeposit some another time. I'm going to play 10's until I have 1k and then move up to 25's that's the plan anyway! Traffic is a bit low at this time of night and the client just closed for scheduled maintenance so I thought this was a good time to come and start a blog to chart how it goes between now and Jan 1st. 

Off the drink again (hopefully this time for good!) - been not drinking alcohol for almost 3 weeks now. Always feel better for it, but it's not an easy habit to break!

For rest of month poker is going to be my hobby, I want to play poker and finish some work I got on, between now and end of month. 

The work will give me some money for when we get out of lockdown on 3rd Decemeber! The poker will give me something to do that I enjoy between now and end of lockdown =)

Results so far: 

played: 40 games
1sts: 23
2nds: 17





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@P0kerM0nk wrote:

Good luck with the challenge 😃

Bit odd number to deposit £61 lol

Good start anyway, 11 buy ins 😀

Thanks mate, haha yes it was a strange number. The story behind that was... I had some bitcoin so converted it to deposit here, and by the time it had been converted that's what it came out as 🤣 

Enjoyed playing the league tonight and chatting with @Farseer in his stream we both final tabled the deepstack mid league game. 😃

I've been my usual undisciplined self with the HUSNG's and with my fledgling 68 euro initial bankroll played all the way up to the heady heights of the 100's... 

I would say I've played probabally about 120 games in total across mainly 10 euro then 25 a few 50's and 2 100's... 

Balance now: 388.96.

Now the real challenge begins. Playing nothing but the 25 limit. I have 15 buyins and I know not great, but I have a chance of making it there, I have a feel for the play and think it's possible at least. I did say I was going to wait until 1k for the 25's but i think that might be a bit overkill. What I can't afford to do any more is play any higher than the 25's... At least for time being. So we'll see how this goes on the discipline front.

For rest of week I want to get 50 games a day in at the 25 limit.

See you in the league tomorrow if you're playing the 10's !




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Despite posting I was going to play 25 limit only in my last post... I did not stick that. :wonder:

I played some 25's... a fifty again... heck I even played a 200 at one point. Unfortunately this is just gambling. You might as well just go to roullete and spin it on odd or even if you are playing with just 3-4 buyins... Fine if you want to gamble and enjoy gambling. The thing that seperates professional poker players (and some recreational players) from gamblers at the table is control. I enjoy playing poker but I would much rather be a winning professional / semi-professional poker player than a gambler poker player!

Of course every hand is gambling, but in the long run the pro's win because they stick to a method that is shown to profit over time (bankroll management / playing sound strategy). 

I have a long way to go to become a semi pro / pro poker player, but It's been an ambition for a long time and I enjoy trying to achieve it :happy:

So... Plan for next 250 games is to play nothing higher than 25 HUSNG.

Am going to be setting up some routines where I can. First is to play just 50 games a day for first 2 days. No more. If I hit my 50 quota then stop. This is to start introducing more control into my sessions. 

Looking forward to the high tier of the league tonight! I managed to rack up a few points in the medium tier yesterday, so here's hoping for a few in the high tier tonight! 

I've just withdrawn £20 from my poker bankroll to buy some food/drink (non alcoholic) for the league games tonight.

Nice that the poker balance can pay for snacks for the last league night of the week 😏 

Despite reckless earlier approach so far did well... bankroll now at: 746 after the £20 withdrawal :cash:

Next update will be after I played 50 25 euro HUSNG games.






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Interesting blog, you play the same gametypes that I enjoy too :D. Good luck with the poker and especially the life goals! Do you have plans in place for how you will prevent yourself from playing too high stakes (I have just noticed that sometimes it's easy to tell yourself to change a habit but if you don't have a plan in place for how to do it, it can be easy to fail).

Hopefully Unibet will add some sort of option for a stakes limit in the settings so that people don't need to worry about it in the future!

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@CuteRaven wrote:

Interesting blog, you play the same gametypes that I enjoy too :D. Good luck with the poker and especially the life goals! Do you have plans in place for how you will prevent yourself from playing too high stakes (I have just noticed that sometimes it's easy to tell yourself to change a habit but if you don't have a plan in place for how to do it, it can be easy to fail).

Hopefully Unibet will add some sort of option for a stakes limit in the settings so that people don't need to worry about it in the future!

Hey CuteRaven! Have just started reading blogs here as recently got back and enjoy reading yours also, good luck at the tables! 

Yes I do have some plans. Alot is about being present in the sessions. So involves timed sessions, reminders through my session in terms of simple messages etc. That bring me back to reality (and away from being attached and just reactive). 

I really love this quote and think it's so powerful for any poker player that is influenced by swings in their sessions, just read it yesterday: 

"You only lose what you cling to."

So simple but also deep and cuts to the heart of one of my attachment issues I have around my bankroll size at the start of a session versus during the session!


The mental game is all about thoughts and how we process information and stimulus I think, so for me my main tactic on that front is going to be to remind myself of correct view style information throughout my session. Then from the purely brain point of view, not playing when tired, and getting into the habit of being controlled at the tables, which for now is all geared around playing nothing higher than 25 euros :Smile:

So far going OK, it was late when I started playing after the league yesterday, and I felt tired. So I only played a few games. Just played 13 games... and despite losing a few back to back managed to stay focussed and calm and turn it around. Also stop when I felt tired :Ok:

This was the way the session went in order of games played. 

0 is a loss, and 1 is a first place: 










So I lost 5 of the first 6 games, but then won the next 7 :Thumbsup:

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Hey guys I played a total of 74 HUSNG 25's over the last 2 days. Won 32, lost 42. So lost 10 stacks at 25. 

Also lost 6 stacks at 25 Hexapro, really frustrating a recreational player doubles up through me on a 250 jackpot in the Hexapro's which would have been a decent recovery. In fact he doubled up twice second time A6s < Q2o. 

Didn't really enjoy the 25 HUSNG's... just lose lose the past couple of sessions often 8 consecutive which really frustrates me. Surprising I managed to get away with just losing 10 buyin's at the 25 HUSNGs. Also the traffic at the 25's is terrible, there are 6 in the pool, and 2 of those are regs. 

Anyway I'll stop bitching now lol. 

Since I started about 4 days ago I've turned 69 euros into 415 euros. I also managed to not play anything higher than 25's last couple of days, which might not sound like a lot, but it's huge for me especially considering how pissed off I was tonight with the games . 

Halfway through my session today I meditated for half hour (yeah I really did lol) - this is all that saved me from degenning my balance out of sheer frustration i think. 

So yeah.. as you can likely imagine... I've decided to call it a day with this part of the challenge, and withdraw my winnings. 

I think this is the first challenge I've started here where I've set out to play poker, just played poker, and ended up in profit 🤣

Thanks for following!







So £310 profit :cash: i did stop the challenge early... but I did build a bankroll I guess and I did get away when I was getting frustrated :)

But am not over just yet. I'm going to start again with the rake back I earned (all rake back was just from start of this challenge as I hadn't played for months before that)

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Haha yes... Nov/Dec fly by...

Although may be back, have decided to have a bet on snooker with 3/4 of the profit. 

If it comes in I'll be back at the tables. 

We got Ali Carter to beat O Sullivan match starts at 1pm. 



Funny thing part of my stake was sent for review and had to be approved. This hasn't happened before... I did have a betting win last month... Is this why?

Bettors out there intetested to hear why, does unibet think I'm a pro better lol? Cant imagine so after the mug bets ive placed throughout the years, but a nice thought lol...

Anyway there is no crowd due to social distancing at the event and although Carter in his own tweet earlier this year said that this favours Ronnie O'Sullivan when O sullivan was playing somebody else, I think that Carter has a reasonable chance and o sullivan usually plays to the crowd, as someone that always likes to back the outsider, decided to give this a go today.

Also in 2018 they had a bit of a run in at world championship and I think Carter will be up for the match as s result

Little bit of needle between Ali Carter and Ronnie O'Sullivan


Good luck if you're involved on the site today in some way be that sports betting or poker!

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  1. What up everyone. So after I posted the update at the interval... When Carter was 3-1 up...

He went on to lose every frame and lost 6-3. I swear this can only happen to me lol would have returned just over £1k if he had won the match. Anyways....

There are some positives to take from this:

- I have a £300 monthly deposit limit on my account, so couldn't place any more bets even if I wanted to. This is sensible I think and was in my mind when I re-deposited from earlier withdrawal to place this last bet

- Overall since my original deposit for poker I am still up a little over £100. So still profited. Almost to tune of nearly double my original deposit, and thats in my bank account now.

- I can't compete in rest of Christmas league as I cant deposit for another 3 weeks. But this is also a positive really. When I play I'll just want to play more than just the league so would have spent more time than just league games on the site and I  have work on at the moment I need to finish to get paid. ✌️ If the one day league event takes place xmas eve I'll play in that

- I'm 22 days off alcohol as of today

Important to step back and look at bigger picture after losing money gambling / playing poker. Things really are still pretty good. 

Cheers all. Going to chart my efforts at live cash here next, providing UK is out of lockdown on DEC 3rd. 

Other than that will likely be around about Christmas week and be back for another go at conquering the world of online poker here


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  • 4 weeks later...

What up guys I'm back to play some poker. 

My deposit limit has partially reset so I can deposit £61 (pound) at the moment, will be able to deposit more around 21st. 

I'm going for a little Christmas challenge. I know this is not following reccomended bankroll management but it's a challenge - and poker isn't my income source, I'm doing this to have something enjoyable to do over the holiday period. 

Going to be playing mainly husng's starting at 10 euro limit with just 6.8 buyins (£61). Will play whatever else takes my fancy as long as it's within the current buy-in I'm at in my challenge. 

I'm starting at 10 euro buy in limit, and going to follow these rules to move up and down: 



Have guessed an ROI of 5% for 10,25,50 euros and 3% for 100 euros, but we'll see ;P

Bankroll at start: 



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