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Rumbling: Unibet refuse to give no. of tourney hands played?


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Hi guys, 

I just had a long back and forth with customer service. I asked for the number of hands I've played/seen in tournaments, but they would not give me the info..... it ended up with this explanation....

"I have spoken with our poker experts, who advised this is not information we need to record for any reason and therefore is not extractable from our systems.
We do not provide the data for MTT's, although it can be provided for cash games if requested, you have currently played 19 hands in the cash tournaments.
I would advise if you do wish to track this, to use the lobby on a daily basis to find the information required.
Many thanks for your feedback, I hope you continue enjoying our poker software and site in the future.
If you do wish to discuss this with our poker experts, I have advised Stubbe about your request and he is happy to discuss this further with you via the community: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/21843

(I don't play much cash as you can tell ha, weird they think cash game no. of hands played is info they can store but not tourney....) Now we can't cut and paste the data from the lobby into excel to count the number of hands, and even if we could, it only shows a portion of hands per page, per day, so it would be a highly manual task of flicking through each section on each page, and again for each day.

Apparently the Unibet poker experts advise that this is not information they need to record for any reason.....? How about the fact it's a key piece of information to assess one's poker skill in the long run?! https://towardsdatascience.com/the-role-of-luck-in-poker-how-the-number-of-hands-played-affects-the-variance-51f561a3c9f1 ... and you already deem it important enough to record for cash games...

Surely I don't need to explain that it's important info...

 @Stubbe-Unibet help on this please? Do you honestly think there is no need to record the number of hands played/seen and it's useless info? There must have been a miscommunication between the poker team and customer service....?

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Welcome to the community, @Narakid :)


That we don't store or record the info is a bad choice of words, because the info is of course in our database.

However, in terms of exporting it, it's not that simple, and we don't provide the info for one simple reason: it really isn't that useful. In cash game it has a lot more value; it's key to know the number of hands, flops seen etc.


Could it be interesting to know the number of hands? Sure, it could. But again, it really isn't a key metric for MTT's.

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Thanks @Stubbe-Unibet 

My understanding is you can calculate MTT performance without using the total no. of hands played (as per Onefloatyboi's response) however many poker players also use total no. of hands played to calculate winrates in tourneys, as an accurate measure, similar to cash games. This is because bb/100 is known as decent indicator of early-mid game play in mtt's, as well as cash ofcourse. This, coupled with the fact other poker sites offer the metric (no. of hands played in tourneys) to players, indicates it is at least valuable enough for players to know.

Another less serious reason for having it (and for me personally), is to simply compare the number of hands you have played with friends! 

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