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Wait what?He plays 1€ SnG-s for 100 DAYS IN A ROW?!?


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But hey Big_boy, didn't you already tried to do the 1€ SnG-s challenge, and gave up miserably on the 6th day? Yes that is true, but hot summer is coming and why would i wanna go out, when i can grind sit n go-s at home?

   Anyway  the ❤️♥️❤️ hasn't gone as i wanted and i still gamble my bankrolls away like a lil btch, so its time to change the mindset and the bankroll management.

So my plan is to grind 1€ SnG-s and only them for 100 days in a row, to boost my discipline  and show you that when me, the biggest gambler ever can do it, then you can fking do it too! I do play the rakeback game as 5€ hexas and cash tickets and so on but i will talk about them when we get there.

  I will use only one nickname " 100_Days "  and wont change it turning the challenge, i will probably update "blog" between 5-10days.

Challenge Starts 07.05.2020  AND ENDS 15.08.2020  - GOAL also is to play 10k games!

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As Dennis said, you will burn out fairly quickly, as you probably know, and this is an assumption from your name and avatar that in the gym you build up endurance over time. Idk your track record but i'd suggest starting with 40x SNGs a Day, 4x Tabling for 25x Days and then depending on your results doing 60x SNGs a Day, 6x Tabling for 25x Days, 80x SNGs a Day, 6-9x Tabling for 25x Days and finnishing off strong with 100x SNGs a Day, 6-9/9-12x Tabling for 25x Days! However it seems a waste of time to remain at one stake, as in the gym you need too keep pushing yourself. GL & HF!

50x Normal: (-10)

€1_SNG: €50
€2_SNG: €100 (€80) €1_SNG
€4_SNG: €200 (€160) €2_SNG
€10_SNG: €500 (€400) €4_SNG
€25_SNG: €1250 (€1000) €10_SNG
€50_SNG: €2500 (€2000) €25_SNG
€100_SNG: €5000 (€4000) €50_SNG


100x Slow: (-25)

€1_SNG: €100
€2_SNG: €200 (€150) €1_SNG
€4_SNG: €400 (€300) €2_SNG
€10_SNG: €1000 (€750) €4_SNG
€25_SNG: €2500 (€‭1875‬) €10_SNG
€50_SNG: €5000 (€3750) €25_SNG
€100_SNG: €10000 (€7500) €50_SNG

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@laifstaile wrote:

I think he plans to play 100days and only 1€...bit bad sentence...

If so I wish u Luck and Good Fortune

That actually makes more sense, it's kinda wild how our minds get another message in the moment, now when i read it again it doesn't say anything about playing 100x SNGs on a daily basis for 100 days. :wow:

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Yes sir, your calculations are correct, but that doesn't mean i have to play exactly 100 per day, i just wanted to add the 10k mark because everyone can play poker 100 days straight if they play like 1-10 tables or so... but average 100 games per day seems like a good challenge for me or anyone who play or gonna play sng-s.
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