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New to Unibet Poker


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I have started using Unibet poker only this last week having played most other sites

Just a few observations no chat / no facility to watch other tables and other than fold no chance of making a bet before its your turn 

Now lets get to the bad beats

yesterday AK v AK the hero hits a flush on the river obv this happens

Lets forward to today KK v KQ he hits a second Q on the river

99 on a flop of 10 9 3 all the money goes in he obv has 10 10

I have seen many bad beats both on line and live but this site seems to be the king

Every hand appears to have a flush or a full house

Just wondering is this the norm



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Just a quick update playing a £25 comp pays 9 with 11 left

I get it all in with A 10 v A 6 obv the 6 comes

Some of the play tonight has been to bad 2 be true I'm not 100% sure we are playing real people

That's enough for me on here self excluded good luck all

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