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Wrong result: FK Tambov Youth - Krylya Sovetov Samara U21 Wrong result


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How is it possible that Unibet rules this game as a draw 1-1 when all other betting companies rules it home win, flash score and many other result sites shows 3-0 home win. Game was 1-1 in some point but I guess away team started to rioting (?) or etc and away team was disqualified and home team was granted 3-0 win.



Moderator should check and fix my bet slip 2529745644

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Hey @FinSwe,

Since you've already spoken to my colleagues in Customer Support about this this was raised to our traders. The response is as follows as per: http://fc-tambov.ru/content/news/4187-Match-molodezhki-byl-prervan-na-82-j-minute.html

As play was not continued after 12 hours, we have settled the match with our rule in Section B.5.8 in mind, wherein:

In cases of events which have not been completed before their natural conclusion, and a result is issued through a decision by the association not more than 12 hours from the event’s start, Unibet will use the issued decision as the official result for offers related to the event's outcome, such as Match, Draw No Bet and Double Chance granted that the issued decision does not change the outcome of the said bet offers at the time of the abandonment. In that case the stakes will be refunded. All offers referring to the tallying of particular occurrences (example: Total Goals, Handicaps, etc) will be declared void except for those the outcomes of which have been decided prior to the abandonment and could not possibly be changed regardless of future events, which will be settled according to the decided outcome.

Thus, settlement is correct and shall stand.

Please let me know if this doesn't clear it up and I can check further. :) 

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Thanks @ReCorpH Yes now I can finally find some official statement about 1-1 result.

"Ivanov in the 82nd minute with a score of 1: 1 stopped the game. The rules say that "a match cannot be started or continued if there are less than seven players in any of the teams." At the same time, each team had at least seven players."

“The fate of the outcome of the match will be determined at a meeting of the KLD next week,” the Tambov website said in a statement."

No idea though why flashscore and other show 3-0 result if referee has simply stop the game rather than ruling either side to be a winner of the match

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I have to say that in this exact case I have quite a little information about it, but it seems that it was announced wrong in a few different sites. However from the teams own site it's fairly clear. Apologies for this, I know it's not exactly good news. 

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