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Virtual greyhounds


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Hi Unibet!

I found a bug or something in the virtual greyhound game. At Friday afternoon, evening I played several times with the virtual greyhounds, sometimes I won, sometimes I lost a few euros but four times nothing happened. The system just don't show me in these four cases that I won or lost. I can see usually the results immediately after a race, if I won for example 1 euro then it shows me in green 1 Eur, if I lost then there is 0 Eur. I put my money for four races on Friday evening , altogether 5,4 euros and I just still don't know what happened with my money, I can see only No results. Your system just jumped these races or missed the results of these races or I don't know. I took screenshot, so I can show you that I really put money and there are still no results. What should I do? How can I get back my money?

Thank you!

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