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Bootcamp Leaderboard - Very Similar usernames?


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Hi there, 

It's probably me being stupid, but i just happen to be clicking around the site as ya do n happen to spot a bunch of very similar usernames on the bootcamp leaderboard. I've highlighted just a few, there are more if you scroll up. Same two letters at beginning and then numbers at end, some even same ammount of characters. 

I don't even compete in the leaderboard. Just caught my eye was all, I've been binge watching Bosch on Amazon so it's probably just me find everything and everyone suspect haha. 


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I think they are players who's accounts was migrated from other sites (pokerihue i bet) when unibet has merged the pool. This is similar to ipoker when you got a long alias with letters+numbers in where the first digits shows in which room you have registered your account.

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@f1v3h34d, it's because we no longer have usernames on Unibet, when you create a new account. Instead, you'll get a username which is unibet_usernumber.

We're looking into implementing a leaderboard alias for next year, so you've got an identity to use on all leaderboards - and if we were to do a hall of fame or similar, it'd be used there as well.

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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