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Bet Wrongly Settled


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Hi, I got a problem with a bet last time and no one wanted to help me. I provided evidences (video and photos) and nothing changed.


You can see my bet here:



The proof here (I have a complete video of the sequence) where we see Virton receiving a touch: 


and what answerd me your "awesome" service. 


Anyone can help me? 

Kind regards, 


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Hey @Julab and welcome to the Community!

This was sent to our traders for review and the response you were given came directly from them. According to this information the settlement is correct.

This refers to our rule B.5.1:

When settling results Unibet will do its utmost to attain itself to information obtained first hand (during
or exactly after the event has been concluded), through TV transmissions, streaming (web-based and
through other sources) as well as official sites. Should this information be omitted from first hand
viewing and/or official sources and/or there is an obvious Error in the information included in the
sources above, the settlement of the bet offer will be based on other public sources.

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