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Cash Game ticket req.


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Hello there.

If i buy one NL100 ticket with a value of 2000€ (for 200k bonus point), then how many flops i need to see?
If i right then one NL100 ticket with a value of 100€ (for 10k bonus point) ---> 325 flop ---> with a value of 2k it's 6500 flops?
If i play with the tickets, then i still geting points in the winterbootcamp?

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Hey @zotyisama and welcome to the Community!

It should be in the vicinity of 6000 flops, but you can see it if you click on the ticket you want to purchase. Before actually buying it there is a pop up window that tells you the amount of flops to be seen.



For your second question, yes. All played cashgames are counted on winter bootcamp, doesn't matter if it's played with a ticket or real money. 

Please let me know if you need something more and I'll be happy to assist.


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