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Is it possible to get odds on the winner of the New Hampshire primary in the Democratic party presidential nomination? Currently there are only odds on the Iowa caucus. Odds on the primaries and caucuses following New Hampshire would also be nice, such as South Carolina and Nevada.

Is it possible to get an over-under on the number of senators who vote to convict in the impeachement trial of Donald Trump?

In Norwegian politics, is it possible to get odds on one or more parties leaving the government before either the end of the year or the next election (2021).

Also in Norway, is it possible to get odds on who will be the next leader of the conservative party (Høyre) and progress party (FrP), and who will be the leader of the liberal party (Venstre) after this years party convention (which is in April this year). It would be interesting to see the odds of the current leader against the other possible candidates.

Thank you!

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