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MPROX the satellite grind (unibet uk, unibet open)


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first of all i don't want to spam the blog page :) (because i also have another blog where i do a sitngo challenge on unibet (played over more than 1k games there --> https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Blogs-Stories/MPROX-SIT-N-GO-CHALLENGE/td-p/282120 )

But also i would like to have both blogs separated because my SNG's have nothing to do with my satelite grind.

now some more info about me and the satelites,
A year ago i decided to try to get a spot to the unibet open event, at that time their was no ticket exchange so i just had to grind it up instead of trying to setup a grind cycle with a loop of exchanging tickets so you can keep playing which i am going to do now.

Back then i desided to use €250 and start grinding the €1, €2 satelites and up to the final on sunday, i ended up with 3x €250 tickets but busted all of them.. with other words no unibet open event for me..

now a year has past and i desided to give it another try,
the plan is (with the santa challenge i made around a decent amount of free money and that's going to be used to setup my satelite cycle so if someone is reading this that also follows my SNG blog, this money wont be a burn for my sng bankroll, i already used 10-20€ to the satelites and will use €50 extra (so the buyin of this challenge is €60~€70 which ends my bankroll still above €400 for the sng challenge so still going to keep grinding the €4SNG's unless i fall down to €240 then i move to the €2SNG's).


play the €0.05 flips to €1 tickets as much as possible every day (most of the time their are like 40 people registered (€2 in the pool) but it's a 6TIX flip so (€6 guaranteed - avg€2 buyin = €4 free money for tickets) --> on the long run with +-40reg's every €1 ticket is actually €0,33 thx to this flip.

i have checked the next step (€1 to €5) and their is no benifitial to play a certain satelite so will be just playing the Qualifier to Unibet UK Tour €5 3TIX that are being played every hour from €18:20 untill midnight, so when i do have tickets i play them and also somethimes i might just buyin with a euro aswell only in the beginning. 

then every night their is at 21:25 a Qualifier to Unibet UK Tour €50 3TIX Rebuy/Addon event, here i will try to play as much of those as possible + always buy the addon so the buyin of this rebuy event cost me at least 2x€5UK tickets and somethimes 3x€5 if i busted out early.

Ticket loop:
super basic setup, if i see that i do have less then 3x€5UK tickets when i go to bed i just reg a €50to10x€ exchange flip so i know i can play the next day.
Also when i see i run out of €1 tickets i will exchange a €5 for 5x€1 tickets so i can play the next day.
== just one small check before going to bed at night

**side note, i am not from the UK so will have some travel/accommodation expenses so 1UK package is not enought for me to go their, i have checked hotels nearby aspers, checked taxi's in london, compared flying vs eurostar, .. and i will need 4 packages before i really go (3 at least but then it prob costs me some money extra).
So in case i do not have enough packages i might extend them to the next UK event.


not going to play the €0,20 qualifiers because it would cost me to much screen time while doing the SNG challenge.
immediately going to play the €1 & €2 Qualfiers that are played every hour (€1 18:05, €2 18:25) from 18:05 untill midnight.

when i do have the €10 ticket's i will only play the Qualfier to Unibet Open €50 with 4TIX and will skip the 1TIX&2TIX qualifiers.
these are daily at 20:25 & 21:25.

next step, playing the €50 to €250, won't be playing those during the week and will only be playing them at sunday afternoon, since i can't see the schedule for sunday in the client i can't tell the satelites i will be playing but i do know from last year that the best times are then.

and ye last.. the qualifier to the event itself if i have a €250 ticket, will be playing it sunday at 20:00..

Ticket loop:
also for this you don't need to be a wizkid :)
When i see i run out of  €2 or €10 tickets wil be exchanging them when i go to bed for a 5x€2 or 5x€10.
Sadly their is no €250 to 5x€50 ticket which is sad because else i could just grind those and don't play the €2 to €10 events and had more time for the other SNG challenge.


will update every once in a while about my ticket's around every week, starting today on next blog post.

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didn't read the book but it's already helping haha :p 
yesterday had €85 worth of tickets and now €166 (and i was super duper close getting a €250 unibet open ticket today also (finished 2nd place on the €25 to €250 game xd)




i did record just before the call in that 25 to 250 eu sattelite because i my mind i was already playing the final sunday 🤣 🤣 🤣
the funny small rage after the flop tho.. xD

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close call again just bubbled again :)



time i played before: 


btw for people who would like to check it out.. on my main blog i have written a full analysis about hexa's and my shot on transitioning to hexas as main grind instead of sngs (this satellites blog is the "side grind :p" )

please check it out at https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Blogs-Stories/MPROX-SIT-N-GO-CHALLENGE/td-p/282120/page/7

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xD i was designing a website on my main screen and clicking buttons on my second screen.. 

i guess i have to do this more..




btw just wondering.. the uk event in sept is a €250 buyin event but the other uk tour event (dec?) is this also a €250 or what do i have to do with this second one?



(+ maybe more will follow.. image.png.1fe54bc4ceef17b5d2f137db3de990c8.png)

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Hey there! I quit playing online poker for a while, but a few weeks ago I decided to try my luck with some €2 Unibet satellites. Guess what? I ended up winning! Of course, I can't deny that a bit of luck was involved, but I still tried to bring my A-game to the table. 🙂


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