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Voiding a cricket bet

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So, i placed a double on the cricket this morning. Leg 2 wins, Leg 1 is void (because match abandoned after one innings). 

The official result is available, and has been for 3 hours (conservatively). 

But my bet is still pending . Contact live chat and they tell me it will remain pending for 12 hours (even though it is now the middle of the night in New Zealand)

This is amateur hour stuff. Absolutely not the case with any mainstream bookmaker. Just a warning for others really... customer service just repeated this was their policy. 

Fair enough I guess - up to us as to whether we give Unibet any more custom if we are unhappy with their service...


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From Unibet terms and conditions; Result settlement:

5) "In case of an abandoned event, all bet offers that have been decided prior to the abandonment and could not possibly be changed regardless of future events, will be settled according to the decided outcome. Should the abandoned event not resume within 12 hours of its start time, all pending offers related to the event will be settled as void".

Unibet obviously have to follow their own terms, even if it is unlikely that a match will be restarted before the given timeframe. This is standard across all bookmakers. Some sites even have a 24 or 48 hour waiting time. 

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It is literally impossible for the match to be restarted . The points have been shared as per the rules of the competition.

And you are wrong - I placed this exact bet with Ladbrokes this morning. I was paid out 5.5 hours ago .

This is absolutely non standard.

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Hi @Alanski, welcome to the Community and thanks for the intervention @Nikzzzz .
The system is calibrated to reflect the terms so Nikzzzz is not wrong here although the voting can sometimes up to 72 hours,  however, if you guys feel that one of your bets might be an exception please always feel free to contact us. 
@Alanski, I see you already reached out to our Customer Service colleagues and they made sure your bet is voided as desired. I'm closing this issue as it's already taken care of but please feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can do for you guys.


Former Community Moderator
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