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Wrong information in T&C of the "Streakr" Promo

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Check this up:
Streakr promo:
In T&C it is said about freebet reward for 3 consecutive predictions:
But in prizes section on the main page it is clear that we need a streak of 5 days:
So a bit of confusion here. And since I'm on the 3rd consecurive day of streak right now and have no freebet¬†ūüėÄ means T&C is wrong.
@RayL @JeppeL 

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Thanks to Manchester City I must have now a 5-day streak.
In FAQ it's says for this streak 5E-freebet will be added automatically. Which I didn't receive yet.
Seems like results are manually settling up in this promo. And it's Sunday so noone there. I'll track this here just in case. And will look forward)) and wonder about leaderboard.

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The promotion is still there but it hasn't been updated.

"Jackpot prizes will be credited within seven days of the promotion ending."

According to this they should finalize the scores and credit the winners this week.

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Thank you! Seems like we were at the same place on Saturday. I also had 3-day streak that day. But managed to nail it with the last two picks. So in the end I had 5-days and 6/7 predictions over a week. Only on Tuesday I missed a shot.
The day with Leicester-Norwich was really tough. Unexpected Norwich early goal, Parma goal in additional minutes vs Napoli. I played NBA this day and Suns-Spurs match was like a  thriller with overtime (along with a bad quality of basketball lol).  Saturday was a day really hard for predictions.

Hope they gonna make this promo again, but with real-time leaderboard updates )

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