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Disappointed because of wrong settling 2 betbuilders

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I am very disappointed at this moment because i had this sunday 2 betbuilders that had to be settled as winner but Unibet didn't. Unibet says that Standard Liege didn't take 2 cards against Kv Mechelen but they really did. I watched the game and at the same moment the referee was finishing the game, he gave a yellow card to Obbi Oulare (And he was on the pitch of course) so i was surprised to see after the game that i didn't won. Later i saw on television that the yellow card was not showed by the camera's but that the commentator also mentioned the card. The most sites didn't see that the card was given but he officially received the card and  because of that card he is at 2 yellow cards of a suspension. Some sites are correctly mentioning the yellow card in minute 96 like this one on "Belang van Limburg"

Sorry for the turning of the image. I always have this when i upload a picture and i don't know why.


Also on the official site of kv Mechelen you can see that Oulare received a card in '96 And on the online official footballgame (Gouden 11) in Belgium where you can win some prices, you can see that Oulare received -1 points because of a yellow card.

It goes about 50 euros and i went a few times to the live chat on Unibet but they always say that they use a site that don 't mention the card in minute 96 and Unibet has to follow this site but they gave me that site and it is just a newssite for Belgian football and not an official site of the Belgian footballeague. So i don 't receive my deserved money because Unibet is using a site that wrongly didn't mention that second card like a lot of other sites. 

I play already a lot of years on Unibet and i am very happy with this very good site and every time a bet was wrongly settled, they fixed it, but not this time. I am very disappointed because of this.

Sorry for my English that is not so good 😉

Have a good evening everybody 👍

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