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A few ticket extensions


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I have 10 and 50e UK tour tickets the 50e only has 7 days left. Been trying to spot UK qualifiers but have failed to do so, not sure if they are running until the venues for 2020 are decided. So can I get them extended? I could  use the exchanger for the 50e ticket but I'd rather not do that. 

I also have 3 supernova tickets expiring in 22 days, and 2* 100 UOS event79  tickets, played the event but didn't need the rebuys, one of them is expiring in 12 days. I take those work as generic 100e tickets now but unless you have any extra 100e tournaments coming up they are basically supernova tickets and I can only use one per week. I'm also playing at unibet open in paris so I can only use 2 of them during the last 22 days. Would be even better if you have some extra 100e tournament(s) where I can burn those tickets but I guess you won't start a new tournament just so I can use some tickets :) So could I get some of the tickets extended so I have a chance to use them!  

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