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Unibet didn't pay out won bets

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Hi @Alec07, welcome to the Community :)

I've sent the 3 bets on SKT - G2 that are still not settled to our traders to have a look. I'll keep monitoring their response and let you know here in thread over their answer. Thank you for contacting us with this.

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@Hercuul24 wrote:

I won a bet today (+11,5 corners in Melbourne-Avon). It Saïd corners 6-6 (12) bit in my betslip I have a RED lost bet! But I think 12 corners is +11,5, No

Can Unibet fix this and give me my winnings please?


Every stats site that show corners for this game that I'm able to find, shows 11 corners on this match ( Melbourne Knights 6, Avondale FC 5 ). Could it be that you are wrong about this?

I'll tag @RayL  anyhow, so maybe he can check this out once he sees this ( it's weekend though, so it may take a while ) 👍

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@Hercuul24 wrote:

Hello Purps

Can be, but I have a screenshot from unibet where it said corners 6-6 in minute 93 ...

@Hercuul24  It's probably been an error on the display, those things happen .... :annoyed:

On the video below you'll see corners number 10 and 11 right at the start of the video. I watched it all the way till the end from this point and there are no further corners after the 11th one :sad:

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Hi @Hercuul24, welcome to the Community :)
I do apologize for the stats showing incorrect, it's pretty rare, but it does happen from time to time. Since the stats are seen as an added feature to the live betting section, we do not re-settle. I realize it might sound a bit harsh, but it goes both ways in the way that we do not void winnings bet either on the basis of the live score being incorrect.

Officially, the rule is described like this:

Section B.1.6:

"Statistics or editorial text published at the Unibet site are to be considered as added information, but Unibet does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever if the information is not correct. At all times it is the Account Holder’s responsibility to be aware about circumstances relating to an event."

Here's a breakdown of the match highlights as well:

Time in CETMinuteEvent
11:56:3705:59Possible CR   Melbourne Knights FC
11:56:5306:15CR   Melbourne Knights FC (Corner - left side)
11:57:0406:26Corner taken
12:00:5610:18Possible CR   Avondale FC Melbourne
12:00:5710:19CR   Avondale FC Melbourne - Corner time was adjusted to 09:52,00. (Corner - right side)
12:01:0810:30Corner taken
12:26:5136:13Possible CR   Melbourne Knights FC
12:27:1036:32CR   Melbourne Knights FC (Corner - right side)
12:27:1836:40Corner taken
12:54:3646:26Possible CR   Melbourne Knights FC
12:54:4246:33CR   Melbourne Knights FC (Corner - right side)
12:55:2047:10Corner taken
12:55:2847:18Possible CR   Melbourne Knights FC
12:55:3547:26CR   Melbourne Knights FC (Corner - right side)
12:55:4347:34Corner taken
12:58:5550:46Possible CR   Melbourne Knights FC
12:59:0350:54CR   Melbourne Knights FC (Corner - right side)
12:59:1651:06Corner taken
13:13:2065:11Possible CR   Avondale FC Melbourne
13:13:2765:18CR   Avondale FC Melbourne (Corner - right side)
13:13:5165:42Corner taken
13:22:5974:50Possible CR   Avondale FC Melbourne
13:23:0874:59CR   Avondale FC Melbourne (Corner - left side)
13:23:1875:09Corner taken
13:27:5579:46Possible CR   Melbourne Knights FC
13:27:5879:49CR   Melbourne Knights FC (Corner - left side)
13:28:2780:18Corner taken
13:30:3282:23Possible CR   Avondale FC Melbourne
13:30:3382:23CR   Avondale FC Melbourne (Corner - right side)
13:30:4682:37Corner taken
13:30:5382:44Possible CR   Avondale FC Melbourne
13:30:5682:47CR   Avondale FC Melbourne (Corner - left side)
13:31:1483:04Corner taken

I've added you a Free Bet to make up for the inconvenience none the less but please note that this might not be possible at a later time.


Former Community Moderator
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Hello Ray

Thanks for the reply!

Yes it's a pity that I didn't have it correct but I understand :)

For the free bet you send me... Where can I find it, because I was on a holiday and I just arrived back home so I just saw this now.

Thanks for the info and off course for the free bet!

Very nice of you :) 

Kind regards 


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Hi Ray

Thanks a lot for the help last time! But I have another question now.

I won a freebet ticket via Unibet expert Belgium with a code. But when I give in the code it sais 'sorry our systems are not working for the moment, please try again later'. But I've been trying since yesterday.

Do you know anything about this or should I send you the code that I received?

Thanks again for the help!



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Not going to lie @Hercuul24, I don't have allot of experience with the Bonus Codes but I can certainly contact the guys responsible. When did you receive the code and through what communication channel and can you please PM me with the code? :)
Former Community Moderator
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@Hercuul24 wrote:


How can I PM you the code (without others seeing it)?



Hover your mouse pointer over Ray's name under his picture on one of his posts, and choose "Send Message" from the thingy that pops up.


Click on the envelope picture on the top right corner of the page and click the yellow "new message" button.



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