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Esport match live score


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I played WESG CSGO match between AGO and Windigo Gaming when I saw from unibet that AGO is leading 1-0 in best of 3 match with still semi-high multiplier. So of cource I went and put my money for AGO who was leading total match points but losing the current map. After betting and spectating the stream afterwards for couple of minutes I saw that total map scores were 1-1 instead of 1-0 for AGO. Took a print screen just in case. Unibet_csgo.thumb.png.2cb3bc965ccfdf9c177ed1302340584d.png

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Hi @cKype, sorry about the inconvenience first of all.

Could you please provide us with an ID of the coupon in question so we can have a closer look at it for you?

Leave it below and I'll get it to our traders to have a peek at it.



Former Community Moderator
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Really sorry about this one @cKype, but it happens a rare once in a while that the displayed score on our site isn't correct, I took this from the Help Center:

"Occasionally, due minor streaming delays, the live score may not update instantly. Unibet does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever if it not possible to place a bet or the live score is not correct. At all times it is your responsibility to be aware of match events such as current score and remaining time. Unibet also does not accept any liability for changes to the live betting schedule or interruption of the live betting service.

If live betting, we advise you to have an external livescore site open, such as flashscore.com or livescore.com. Please also check the length of a match before you decide to place a bet on it. Normally a football match is 2 x 45 minutes, but on some youth matches it's only 2 x 40 minutes. The duration of a basketball match varies as well - the length of a quarter is 12 minutes in an NBA match, but only 10 minutes for European matches."

Had the offered odds not been correct it would have been a different matter and we could've had the bets voided, but when the offered odds reflect the actual state of the match and not was is displayed in error on site, the bet stands.

Apologies for the inconvenience again, it's one of those error we don't want happen, but we have to stay consistent and it's worth mentioning here that the odds reflected the actual state of the match, and had you won the winnings would also have been yours.



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