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Unibet & Bonus Offers Feedback


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To whom it may concern at Unibet - I just wanted to offer up my thoughts on your bonus offers I find your free bets and what have you very convoluted having to opt in, reach a qualyfying amount and then having to use them on specific markets - I just missed a risk free live bet as it expired as I work weekday evenings when games are on and get so busy I forget to sneak on to your app or at weekends am busy with other stuff so forget to use in play (as it had to be put on live). Even if I had managed to get on in the past I often have found the refund don't happen automatically so you have to chase it up and contacting customer service on Unibet is not straight forward either - often have to come here first or get through loads of options. IMHO the whole system is pants and to be honest since the switch here from Stan James I hate the layout and the fact horse bets are seperate from other sports bets - yesterday I couldnt even find a way to put a cross sports horse/football double on so in the end I went and placed it at another bookmaker.

Gotta say I'm giving serious consideration to withdrawing my balance and using other sites that work better promo and layout wise for me. Whether this post is useful in any way to the powers that be at Unibet is up to you but wanted to get that off me chest before decising whether to stay or go.

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@bluelionman I appreciate the feedback and I understand why you'd sometimes miss out on using the live bets considering your schedule. 
We do run quite a few different promotions overall and some are more geared towards certain events than others, this is typically where you see a Free bet that has to be used on something specific.
Which part of the process in these type of promotions do you find to be the most troublesome?

I want to try and make things easier for you, so if you miss using a Free bet or Profit Boost in the future, feel free to make a post here or message @RayL or myself - then we can have a look if it isn't something we can add for you again. The same goes if you're missing a refund, while these should obviously happen automatically, sometimes there's a glitch in one way or another so it doesn't happen.

As for the horse bets being seperate from other bets, at the moment I'm afraid there isn't much I can do about that. We generally use a third party sportsbook that a few other sites use as well, but because we wanted a larger focus on horse racing and expand out services there by a great deal, we created our own seperate client - the only downside(that I see at least) is that the bets made there stand by themselves and therefore can't be combined with ones from other sports or events. 


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Well I earned a risk free £10 free bet but it was only for live in play meaning I had to bet exactly £10 in play but every weekday I work eveings in a busy mail centre and find ya app hard to use so activated the thing and see I had only a few days left and meant to use it midweek on one of the Euro games (Champs League or Europa) involving an English team but just never remembered mid game (when it was live) to get on (as thats the busiest time at my work unloading lorries full of mail).

If you can re add that would be good as I'd managed to bet enough times in play to earn it - but never got the benefit of the risk free inplay bet. I'd actually love to use it 2moro (well today looking at time) as my team plays in the first FA cup game and I'm not confident at all but be nice to have a risk free punt on them. 

As for the things I hate most its the having to activate and then chase up to get it - told to contact customer service after a bet loses to get cash back - I'd much prefer a traditional free bet token like at most bookies if I earn a free bet I get a free bet token or what ever and I just use it on something anything and if it wins I get profit minus stake... simple and automatic. None of this put it on and if losses contact customer services to re-credit you the stake - why?

Another thing I really miss out on is the sports freeroll as I work a late turn here in UK - 1pm-9pm M-F so I can never ever partake I'd much prefer if you credited a token to use in any free roll or had one of the sports free rolls on a weekend so people like me that dont work the standard 9-5 M-F can also get involved. 

Lastly I'm moving away from some sports books as there customer service is jank.

2 examples:

b'win have a football promo - beat Pires... predict scores and if you beat him you get a share of £1000 of free bets.
I am bad at predicting socres but doing it when I remeber all season and a few weeks back I did beat him - however they dont notify you. Just add teh free bet - but here's the rub - I go on most books to do my footie betting now one a week for weekend. There T&C's (strings as I call them) free bets expire 72hours after crediting. So 3 days - why, I tell you why so they hope you lose them - I noticed on way home by chance I had won so went to use it but was to late by 1 hour as it was not 72hrs from a set deadline (as I thought it would be but literally 72hrs from when they arbtrally added it so its random. I contacted them with a call to Gibraltar and no goodwill at all - call aint even free bet that cost me a fiver when i get bill... free bet was for £8 btw. So to me thats mean spirted give on the one hand and grab back with the other. 

Now compare that to operators I feel have gone the other way...

This week bet365 had an offer they sent me on Cheltenham. Have a bet up to £25 each day of the festival on a race and get a free £25 bet on teh feature race. Well day 3 I did the qualyfying bet £25 and I was doing the free bet and there was a power spike knocked out my PC. I thought I had got on Frodon (managers tip). When race was run I was distraught I couldn't find bet I called them up I'd not used my free bet that power spike had happened as i was placing and not got on. I should of checked and gutted horse won at 5/1 so I lost out on a free £125.... I could of done with that as I lost over the 4 days about £300-£400. Its okay its once a year - still not nice as no punter likes to lose but thats the game. Any way they didn't have to as it was technically my fault (I should of checked bet had gone on) but they offered me as goodwill £25 in free bet credits. Now thats there way of doing free bets and they call them credits and they last 90 days - its almost like cash so there's no rush for me to use the free bets unlike at b'win where its use or lose... and unlike the free bet I just earned here I have to use on the GG's I can use on anything. That makes me feel valued and makes bet365 one of my fav sports books as they play fair with you. Also they have some cracking promos like 2 up in 1X2 football markets they pay ypu out early as a winner regarless of what happens after - that's saved my bacon alot this season.
They not the only ones going the right way - Sky Bet free bets (mainly earned from there free bet club) used to have a 7 day expiry (standard) but since the new year they have made all there free bets have a years expiry - yep 365 days.... thats cracking as you feel under no pressure to just have to use them or lose them - can build them up and use on something you really want to (like you would ya cash balance). 

I used to use oddschecker and try to find best odds and sweep up new customer offers but now not so much - having money all over the place is hard to keep track off and I learned also many books have inactive account fees if you dont use them after about 6 months so am coming round to the idea of just having half a dozen or so accounts and I will be favouring those sports books that are affable/have good promos and good customer will. For me thats books that have the chance to regulary earn free bets and free bets that have long shelf lifes + bookies that dont penalise you if you have a win (or don't lose loads) or earn to many free bets.

So FYI my top 3 from personal experience in order I would say are:

1) SkyBet
2) bet365
3) Paddy Power

I was going to list my 3 worst but I'm biased as bad experiences clouds my judgement somewhat as for instance I used to love betway (many free bet offers) but then they restricted me and can only think it was because I did to many of their offers and hadn't lost money - was up - so think thats why they restricted me then went full mental as I complained to much about that situation so they closed my a/c. A few others done likewise and I've seen a patten - its only occuring at the rare few bookies I'm not down at... seems some wont entertain even small winners or smart bettors. I am not one sadly but seems I been mistaken as one at the few I had a touch of luck at. If they held there nerve they would of most likely got it all back over the long hual.

Any way this has turned into a novel - sorry about that and I need some sleep so will end here.


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