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Take the king of flips crown and prizes


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If you can beat the King of Flips then big poker prizes are headed your way at Unibet. Earn more tokens by playing Cash Games and SNGs to take on the house in the Poker Flips mini-game.
Play your cards right and you could even win a €2,000 Unibet Open package.
And to get you going, simply open the poker client to receive a free bronze token.
Even a King can lose their crown – are you ready for a shot at the throne?
How to use your tokens
Earn tokens based on your stakes to play hands against the King of Flips. Once you've earned at least one token, you can use it in our Poker Flips mini game.
In this Hold'em game, you and the King of Flips each receive two holecards and a flop – turn and river will be dealt automatically. 
After each hand you have the option to collect your prize or risk it for a higher one by playing another flip. Higher value tokens start closer to the top and the chance to beat the king of flips for a €2000 Unibet Open package. 
How to earn tokens:
Pick up tokens in 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Earn up to 5 tokens per tier (up to 15 tokens in total per day).
  • See 25 flops at any of low stakes cash games (NL/PL4 and NL/PL10) or play five low stakes Sit & Go´s (Buy in: €1, €2 and €4) to earn one Bronze token.
  • See 25 flops at any mid stakes cash games (NL/PL25, NL/PL50 and NL/PL100) or play 5 mid stakes Sit & Go´s (Buy in: €10 and €25) to earn 1 Silver token.
  • See 25 flops at any high stakes cash games (NL/PL200 and NL/PL400) or play 5 high stakes Sit & Go´s  (Buy in: €50, €100 and €200) to earn 1 Gold token.
Bronze10 Bonus Points 
20 Bonus Points 
40 Bonus Points 
€1 MTT Ticket
200 Bonus Points
400 Bonus Points
€10 Cash Game Ticket
2000 Bonus Points
4000 Bonus Points
€100 Supernova MTT ticket
20000 Bonus Points
40000 Bonus Points
80000 Bonus Points
Unibet €2,000 Unibet Open Package



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Haha! I feel you man. Still got to remember you get this all for free ontop of playing casual poker. 🆗

I had these moment where i won 4-5 times in a row and was to :inlove: instead of cashing out i kept on going and lost it all :haha:

Since i told myself i woud now cash out way quicker i have never won more then 1 round anymore. :dissatisfied:

Slavery still exists, they just made it legal.
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