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UOS HIGH 1 Bullet and a dream


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As many of you know, I am not a high stakes poker reg. I am really a little fish swimming in a massive sea of sharks. I was fortunate enough to get a free 100 euro ticket for the big one about a month ago or more, can't really remember now but I got it. Won it on a twitter comp I think. 

I was umming and ahhing about playing the main as i've stated before i'm not that good at poker, but had been having decent and deep runs in nano events, which by all accounts, according to Dara is harder to cash in than the higher stakes games, so I decided to enter.

I couldn't seem to get going at first, nothing seemed to be going the right way for me in my flips and getting rivered, like we all do, but hey I still had chips so I was ok. I decided to change tack and do what i'd been doing in the nano's, which was sit tight, have patience and don't be afraid. I then started to see my chip stack rise. Looked at where I was and I was around 20th, fanbloodytastic I thought i'm in with a chance of going deep in this if I don't mess up.

At this time I was also playing the Nano and low as well as modding on Ian's channel. That sort of took my mind off what I was playing.  First I bust the nano. Ok GG I thought still got 2 left to go. Then later on I bust the low in 60th, I got it in good and got rivered. Yet another GG WP me. So that just left the high.

Trouble is a lot of people know me either from twitch channels, unibet community, facebook groups and other sites. So they know i'm not a pro player, I'm just a "fun" player which is a politer way of saying FISH! I didn't change my alias and wasn't gonna hide behind another one. I wanted everyone to realise it was me playing, no one else under another alias. So they could tag me as they liked. Love me or hate me, it's a bit like marmite, you either love it or you don't.

Well then I got a table move! Ok running deep in High and then the poker gods decided I hadn't been tested enough in my skills yet. Who pops on my table but the one and only @IanSimpson! A few expletives was said in chat when I realised he was on my table, then I also realised that I had another Twitch streamer Maestro1908 who was sat on Iany's left! FML I really thought I was done for, with those 2 on my table. Was so much fun when the chat finally caught up and Iany realised I was on the same table as him. Apparently I am scary to play against! Been told that before, but I still don't believe it. Watching Iany from the very first stream, i've learned a lot about how he plays and how he thinks, bet sizes etc, so knew sort of what I was up against. I managed to get a few bluffs through against Iany which I thought was funny and also Maestro too. I was absolutely gutted that I got another table move so lost Iany and Maestro who went out before I moved the table, think Ian got him. GG Maestro, you can't win em all but you did well.

Then the addon period came and I saw myself going lower and lower down the board, gutted that I couldn't have an add on too but I was still there and still surviving on 1 bullet! The levels seemed to whizz by and then next minute it was level 25! Was I going to risk my short stack or was I gonna play chicken and fold. I decided to play chicken as I'd never made a day 2 before in a high buy in tournament.

So day 2 very short stacked 69/72. Want to thank The Chip Race for my second shout out on their pod cast wishing me luck and rooting for me. (my first one was the Antonio Esfandiari episode! Sigh) 



I finished in 70th unfortunately, I shoved my AK v 56 and 56 came on flop. So out I went, GG me. Did I go on tilt? Nope. Was I upset? Yes of course I was. But it was a great experience for me, and to say that I reached 70th on just 1 bullet is an amazing achievement. Would I play it again if I got another free ticket, course I would. 

Thank you to everyone who supported me and wished me luck. Just a shame I couldn't reach the money. Maybe next time I will do better.

Thanks for reading my ramble. Good luck to all on the tables, run deep and run true. 

D.Angel xx
























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@Darkangel7 well done! :)

it always hurts when someone calls  your shove with AK/or smth similar  with low cards and ...  

i didnt see this deal... but for 90% it was fold 56s/o(10BB+)... and blinds should be yours :/

im always smile  when i see ie.  you at my table ...  I even took better than usual killing my KK  with flush on the turn and river near FT 🆒

i saw @IanSimpson at my tables couples tmes during this UOS, and I wanted to share this with you in chat...  I think I'll set up a new twitch account because I see that unban is not possible. One stupid sentence in stupid discussion with some strange guy who insulted me ... and such a punishment :sad: 

so decided ...Tabula rasa  you will meet Esmeralde soon :happy:  

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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