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Bug with Casino Game: Journey To Mars


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 Hello Team,

I have reported an issue with the Live Casino game mentioned in the title and would like to know when shall I expect an answer from your team.

The email was send to info@unibetsupport.com

Title of the email: Isssue and Bug with the Game: Journey to Mars | ID 4384342594

Can someone kindly please assist me and redirect to the appropriate service if I'm in the wrong area.

Thanks and regards, 


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Hello there, welcome aboard, man 😃 @Steven-G
I'm not staff, but let me guess, it has something to do with loading or freespins?
 You can actually find a whole help-section here:


Personally recommend the "malfunctions"-thread, pretty sure you can find something helpful if it's something that happens every now and then.

Or just post your problem here, that way others can learn from it too. Not personal account details or problems, obviously.. :Smirk:

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