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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. Can you please check out why I didn't receive the casino club prize last Monday? I received it every Monday, even today and also the award notification, only last week I didn’t. But I played a lot probably for the elite or at least a member.
  2. Hi, I got 10 free spins to Iron Bank from Poker September's Mission. I got 4 scatters in 6th spin. Now game crashes and gives error "Command ignores game state of an unfinished game 508" Originally I was playing via Unibet Casino app with IPhone. Tried to enter Free spins with PC, but same error occurs. What shall I do now?
  3. Hungarian player big wins, promotions...
  4. Hi , i dont know where to contact UNIBET so im writing here, i spent like 1100euro(200,300,300,300) on slots today with like 0%moneyback, I never had BIGGER BALANCE THEN I DEPOSIT ON MY ACCOUNT(my attemps -->1.200e,2.300e,3.300e,4.300e)... is this even real? i played the dog house slot on many sites and this never happened ... i dont know what to say to UNIBET... the bonus game was like maximum 100e but usually like 10-30e with bet 1e-2e... thanks for good experience!!!
  5. Aloha fellow gamblers, I was playing all day yesterday mostly on Jumani in the Turnament "best of 2018" to see if i could get on the board, however seems harder then i thought and i am starting to doubt that i chosen the right machine.. I gotta say, i am still more then double up on cash from where i started, yet i havent got that 20 rounds with highest score. So i cant really complain, so i wont. There is 12 machines in the Turnament and the lowest score is 2219.. Does that mean that this person got 2219x the bet in 20 games or how is that calculated? My own highest score is 635, i made that on bet 10kr and it paied around 1000kr.. so i am a little confused on how that is calculated. Last question is, what machine would one of you chose of the below 12 machines to get the highest 20 rounds score? One day left of the turnament so i might have asked this a little late as i have no idea how fast ppl answer this forum :P
  6. i thought we were friends UNIBET @RayL and all the other @ :D I came to your christmas party and we celebrated newyear together, what a great evening :happy:. but you didnt show up to my Birthday la st night:teardrop: guess you where sick or super bussy planning a suprice party for me next year but no worries the real party is tonight my house and your all virtualINVITED. Happy 43 --->and happy newyear all :)
  7. Hello Team, I have reported an issue with the Live Casino game mentioned in the title and would like to know when shall I expect an answer from your team. The email was send to info@unibetsupport.com Title of the email: Isssue and Bug with the Game: Journey to Mars | ID 4384342594 Can someone kindly please assist me and redirect to the appropriate service if I'm in the wrong area. Thanks and regards, Steven
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