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My Sportsbook bet is pending


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I am new to betting i don't have any idea about this bet. As i see this is that i won this bet and i am suppose to get 1127 Nok as pot. But it's been many days now it still shows that it's on waiting. Can someone tell me that what is the problem here? Why is it still on waiting? 

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Hello @Nouman and welcome to the community ,

Your bet is shows as "open" for the simple reason that is has not been played yet :)

You can see that is scheduled to start on the 1st of August  ( 11 days from now ) , and it's gonna last for 5 days !! 1st August - 5th August 2018 Edgbaston , Birmingham

So , unfortunatley for you , you still have some waiting to do. Best of luck with this one ! :)

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