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About Me

  1. Hi i want to change my language on unibet from norwegian to english as it will be easier for me to understand. But i cant find anywhere to do it, can someone help? Where do i press? Is it even an option? Thanks
  2. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  3. Hello, With the new update to the Sports Betting app an unpleaseant "feature" was added. Your balance now always stays at the top of the screen no matter the section you are in. (iOS) Previously let's say it was acceptable that once you were scrolling it was dissappearing. Please make an option on all the platforms and games to hide your current balance (Poker already has it and it is fine). Financial status is a private and sensitive area and I think Unibet understands this as well. Maybe I'm drinking a coffee with my friends or I'm using public transportation and I want to place a bet right there, I don't want the people behind me to see how much my Unibet account has, no matter if it is 10$ or 10K$. Thank you very much and keep the updates coming!
  4. Been due a phone call for over a week now took money out 2 weeks ago been chasing it everyday and all they keep saying is call you in due course I'm keep really stressed out and fed up with it now Please someone just call me
  5. Hello, First of all, I was disconnecting from poker client while playing poker many times, when came back short in blinds. I got 2 Internet. All Internet options was working properly dual disconnections (Youtube, Spotify etc). I asked refund with screen shots, tourney ID and etc. 200euros or so. Moderators asked log file and etc. I sent it all. Moderators make my case urgent. 2 Days no response -still must wait. In case I can't play 4 days, because of software problems, lost money dual disconnection when my Internet was okay. Secondly, I started can't login to poker client properly. Attaching files below. Just hoping to play soon, because losing time and money. But as seems so just need to wait new releases of Unibet software to play normal. Other sites running good, no disconnections and etc.
  6. Bandit


    I would like to speak to someone
  7. I was curious about my weekly -/+ Casino and Bingo so I checked the relatevely new option more thouroughly. First I should mention that I've played with no bonus at Bingo and about the Casino I used some of the holiday offers which I remember was too small to be left after 810BGN only in winnings. So it might be an actual bug or some sort of miscalculation. No way even with all of my ADD and absent-mindfulness or ocassional sleep deprivation to miss a win that equals a decent monthly wage in my country. On top of it was won with Total bet:0 Also when I use the predefined or a period longer than this week ,in which I gambled way more than usual and was at -- a small(loss limits), but missed some chances for playing the Supernova from casino qualifier :Laugh: , there seems to be no error:
  8. Hello, I have a couple of questions: first: How to change my language from German to English? Second: Why I don't have NFL Drive Markets available in-play? I know that Unibet offers to bet on them on in-play.
  9. Good afternoon, I used the £40 free bet after my first bet lost. My second bet won, Liverpool V Everton to draw. My Bet history shows I've won £162. But my balance is £0? I'd appreciate help from @admin1618854588 to help understand what's going on. Many thanks Stuart
  10. After log-in player Disabeld appaer why ? I had 200 € on my account ! Please help me .
  11. Evening! I’ve got a 250€ UO token on my account, and it is expiring in 19 days. The point is, due to coronavirus pandemic, Unibet offline events are temporarily postponed, therefore I can use my token for online qualifies only. But if really, my dream is to take part in any UO offline event. I asked support if they could replace\change or remove my existing token and issue me with a new one with an increased Exp. date. So on I've got standard replay that it is not possible. So, is there really nothing can be done? Maybe it is possible if I won't use this token and after being expired, they could issue me a new ticket? @RayL @ReCorpH
  12. last night i had under 6,5 card at athletic bilbao-leganes. in match was 6 but the bet is lost. problem..
  13. I would like to check my freebets/profit boost, but after the click just reload the main page. Bonus offers, active bonuses is works, but this menu isn't. I try to check afternoon and now. Fix this bug and inform to me. Thx.
  14. hello - i have not received winngs on royal ascot - race at 2.25pm The Coronation Stakes (Group 1) 3 fillies £250,000 Old mile i bet on horse quadrilateral each way who became third. COuld you please advise? I am new to this
  15. Hello. Because my country decided to ban all foreign big gambling sites so domestic ones can make more profit i was not able to log in on unibet.com domain for last 10-15 days. Then i saw that .eu domain was working fine. There under unibet.EU domain i've reached a Alfio Allesio customer live support agent who told me after i've explained situation that i'm allowed to make new account under .EU domain with same details used in old account (.com) Then after i made new account i decided to contact live support again guy named Albin revived my case and told me that this new account i made needs to be closed and cannot be used to play because its only for players from Netherlands or some other country and it have different regulations ... So I ask him is it ok to use VPN to play on unibet.com and he answer is yes. Am i allowed to use VPN to play on unibet.com because if they ban me while cashout that wouldnt be fair. Right now im using VPN to be able to post this topic otherwise i wouldnt be able to even connect to this site... And also I want to be make sure from support that I wont be banned for making 2nd account on your site. I know it breaks rules but thats what customer support agent told me to do otherwise i wouldnt make new account at all.
  16. I have updated my settings and declined receiving promo mails about latest news and promotions in the weekend. Unfortunately got one about especially personalized casino games yesterday. Please respect my decision and don't spam me in the future. Thanks.
  17. Hello If it's possible please change my community name to Yaro85
  18. Please help @RayL @JeppeL Lately I've been playing with my bankroll hidden so as not to become too results dependant, but imagine my surprise when I checked out the sports betting page for the Open and my bankroll was approx 250 euros higher than I expected. I know I haven't won it at poker (unless I've been playing in my sleep) and can't find any message about winning any promo (never have :waterfall:) or indeed anything else, and before I blow it on some fancy accumalator or high stakes tilting I'd like to know it's actually mine to blow. Any answers would be welcome (unless it's a glitch). Yours expectantly; Confused and Scared. :wonder::scared:
  19. Hi there, I am writing this post regarding the outrageous situation that just happened. Year back, I was in contact with Unibet in order to make sure that nobody but me would be able to deposit the money onto my account with the money because of the ongoing problems with my family. After waking up, I have noticed that somebody has deposited nearly £1400 into my account (yes, £1400) without any check from the website. After speaking with boys, one of my kids deposited the money from his account into mine account and probably lost it, as I don't see it on my account and in withdrawals. I have noticed unibet to make sure that nobody will deposit the money into my account if the bank credentials won't be the same as mine, however it was allowed and my son, which has been seeking help for gambling problems deposited the money even that it should not be allowed as the account is made on my details. I would be grateful if you could resolve the situation with me as I could not email you and this chat was the only thing I could find on your website. Thank you, L
  20. Hello, I would like to request my full betting history sent to me, I believe this is possible with current GDPR regulations. I'd prefer to have it in an excel format. How do I go around doing that?
  21. AlexD

    VPN Use

    Hi Guys, I can see the site can be visited using a VPN, but is Unibet OK with users withdrewing using VPN from a country IP that does not match with the bank transfer that let say points out to a bank in a different country? What would be the recommendations if VPN is being used? To always connect to the same country server and not switch between countries? Thanks, Alex
  22. Hi Unibet. i Can see on on my bankaccount that i have Bern doubled charged of a payment at 1500dkr what should i do? regards Phillip
  23. Hey can you please help me to close my account quickly! Thanks
  24. Is there any number or live chat where you can contact Unibet.. First of all i dont know why is 2nd account verification necessary cause i verified my account already once!! 2nd when you want to cashout a more money then they ask you for your verification again.. It says that verification takes 3-5 working days,and cashout it takes 2-4 working days.. i cash out some money but its blocked till they verifid my account.. So you are breaking your own rules about payments! I alredy verified my account for 2nd time,i get yesterday email from unibet,i send them my documentation via email again,today again i get email from unibet to send my documentation.. Are you kidding me? Someone makes this ok,before i take contact with gambling commission.. THANKS,
  25. I've written the wrong birth date and name, but want to get verified, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this.
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