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Hi, you are very bad at updating. On their screen show the current
14-16 on a handball match between Qatar-Saudi Arabia that I have tipped. I had tipped Qatar as I thought I was getting lost, so I was out. Men a few seconds later up to you 15-15. This is a very bad thing and I will send this to the gaming company and play the city council. I've lost money now because you've made a mistake.IMG_0508.thumb.PNG.51e35238ff46593862b2c9b5bf9dd187.PNG


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Hi @Man4664, welcome to the Community.

Indeed this is an unfortunate situation because the Live Score feature from time to time does not update to the second. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, I realize this can be the root of frustration, this is why we always advise players to not base their decision to place a bet solely on that, but to monitor the live statistics on 3rd party sites as well like flashscore.com or livescore.com, to prevent any bad experience.

Marco gave a full explanation to it in the thread below, make sure to have a look.




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