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  1. Please check my 2 last bets,i was suppose to get a free bet for 1000 nkr.My betting id 2585058437. This is wrong. Please give me feedback on this.
  2. Hello, With the new update to the Sports Betting app an unpleaseant "feature" was added. Your balance now always stays at the top of the screen no matter the section you are in. (iOS) Previously let's say it was acceptable that once you were scrolling it was dissappearing. Please make an option on all the platforms and games to hide your current balance (Poker already has it and it is fine). Financial status is a private and sensitive area and I think Unibet understands this as well. Maybe I'm drinking a coffee with my friends or I'm using public transportation and I want to place a bet right there, I don't want the people behind me to see how much my Unibet account has, no matter if it is 10$ or 10K$. Thank you very much and keep the updates coming!
  3. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  4. As a new customer I must say how disappointed i am with the level of service from Unibet. A customer service department that cannot answer a question other that to say it is the weekend and the department concerned has minimal staff. Then to get an email from customer support which was totally irelavent to me and should of gone to another customer is frankly unbelievable and must be in contavention of data protection etc.. Fortunatley there were no details in the email that could of compromised the other customer. Yes i did get an email back when I pointed this out apologising for the mistake but it shouldn't happen in the first place. Now on the account verification screen it says 1 to 3 working days for you to completre the process how so? every other company I have had to do this with it has been completed in 24 hours and in most cases the same day. so far a very bad customer experience and i am strongly considering what action I will take next
  5. Hi, A previous topic about that has already been done but a year ago. I bet on Unibet Belgium and I'm still wondering why we haven't yet the option of double chance goal scorers to bet. It is available in different countries such as France but not in Belgium. Could we ask for a odds request? Or kind of copy the same odds from Unibet FR to Unibet BE. Quit sure I'm not the first one to ask that. In hope of a solution. Thanks
  6. 25 March start off the first major of this year and the first LAN tournament in a long time in Dota 2, which will be held in Singapore. Can arrange a regular sweepstakes or fantasy league among the players. 1. Which team will win the tournament? 2. Which team will win Wild Card ? 3. Most pickable hero? 4. Most Banned Hero? 5. Player with the best farm (gold or experience per minute)? 6. Player with the best KDA in one match? 7. Player with the best KDA for the all tournament? 8. Player with the most kills in a single game? 9. Player with the most help in a single game? 10. Player with the most deaths in a single game? 11. How many minutes will be the shortest game? 12. How many minutes will be the longest game? 13. Team with the most kills in a single game? 14. Team with the most help in a single game? 15. Team with the most deaths in a single game?
  7. I had to buy out my coupon (3366478687) as this was the case and the error persists when picking Kolos Kovalivka
  8. Hey mods, I know there is zero chance to correct it but I will post it for fun. This question is about both teams to score yes or no. Answer A says: yes. Answer B says: it won't be any goal. This means if any of the teams will win to zero non of the possible answers will be correct. I know in this case the english text counts and other TandC mines are on your side but it would be a great gesture if your could correct this. Thank you
  9. Hi Placed my £10 inplay bet Man City v Spurs with bet builder , i havnt been credited my £5 free inplay bet , can you help please Thanks
  10. I am experiencing a problem, I am already logged in and everytime I place a bet it tells me , bet not placed, make sure you are logged in....please help...i would appreciate it Sunny regards
  11. Hi All, could Mullingar Greyhounds be activate on site please, looks to be supsended. Thanks.
  12. Hi everybody. I would like to propose idea for a basketball competition. For all the time i've been in this community i've seen only one competition associated with basketball and it was NBA not our European one. We have football, tennis, nfl, even fighting competitions but never basketball European Championship or Euroleague typing. It is very strange and i completly do not understand it. Maybe Unibet don't have many basketball tipsters? I don't believe it. I used to go to my local 1st league team matches and there were always full hall of fans, when watching our higher league in tv the same, halls always full. Considering that my country is not the country with basketball as main liked sport, it's not even second or third i think such a competition would be popular and well received here, especially that we have people in community from countries that value basketball more than me. I know, maybe it's not the best time to post this idea. Ray is gone, Jeppe is gone now too. Community finished many promos lastly. On the other side it could be the best time for idea like this. I am not telling to do this right now or in the nearest future. Just want to consider sometimes our European basketball here, we will see how many people will like this idea.
  13. It's impossible to score a goal (gol in Romanian) in a basketball match :))) In Romanian, the translation for this market is: Cos de 3 puncte , not "gol de 3 puncte"
  14. Hello, can someone please tell me when I can expect the $5 dollar free in-play bet to be credited? Do I receive it Sunday? I made the qualifying $10 bet on odds 2.05 before the game Thursday. Thanks for your time!
  15. C.28.2 “Match” bet offers are based on the general principle of tournament progress or tournament win, depending on which phase of the competition the match refersto. The player/team progressing to the next round or winning the tournament is to be considered as the winner of the bet regardless of match duration, withdrawals, disqualifications, etc. These bets require at least one set to be completed for bets to stand. Let’s say you place a bet on Rafael Nadal to win against Andy Murray. During 6th game of the first set Murray gets an injury which unfortunately leaves him with no other choice than to forfeit the match. In this scenario, we’ll void any match bet offers, since Murray withdrew from the match during first set. Nadal was already leading 4-1 in first set, having a good chance to win the first set and the match. We understand it may be frustrating to bet on a player that is most likely to win the match, but because the first set wasn’t finished, your bet ends up getting voided. It’s indeed a relevant argument that Nadal was about to win the first set and more important actually won the match, but the rule states that we void any match bet if the first set isn’t completed. On the other hand, we’ve also received complaints in the past from customers betting on a player that gets an injury after the first set is finished, which leads to a valid bet (lost). You might feel that the settlement is unfair, now that your player didn’t lose in a proper manner as the match wasn’t played to the end. The rule for settling a bet on this kind of tennis match variates for each bookmaker. Some bookmakers void all bets in any situation where a player forfeits a match, regardless if the first set has finished or not. Other bookmakers remain all bets as valid, as long is the first ball is served. After several evaluations Unibet has set the line for voiding bets at the end of first set as we believe this rule favours both sides as much as possible. We think that the match has to be played to a certain extent in order to settle bets properly even though a player gets an injury. Unfortunately we’ll never be able to satisfy all customers in tennis matches where a player gets an injury, since there are good arguments on both voiding all bets as well as settling all bets validly.
  16. Placed an ante-post bet on Cape Coast for the Ebor Hcp (Sat 22-08-20 3:40 York). Selection was balloted out, so should have been settled as void but settled as a loser. https://www.britishhorseracing.com/racing/results/fixture-results/result/#!/2020/1889/9074/0/
  17. Can help desk generate custom bets. Sometimes i would like odds for scenarios i cannot generate through bet builder
  18. I made two bets about 24 hours a part. The first one was lost based on the official league site and thus when the result read 0:0 on the same site for the second bet I assumed that I now won the bet. Was then referred to twitter as the source of the game being postponed despite the league site (which you referred me to less than a day earlier) says nothing about that. What is going on? Are you changing official sites depending on your moode and what favours yourself?
  19. At this moment there are only offers for nba championship winner and conference winner.I have a bet where I tryed to pick division winner and at this moment it is open not avoided.How will this situation be solved,when and what can I except?
  20. Hi, I still haven't received any winnings for a bet placed and won on the 26/06/20, I had an outright winner in the race however have no received anything for this
  21. Is there any chance of winning bets being settled tonight
  22. Hello . I have an open bet where the Europa League matches are postponed. Can I withdraw the bet and take the 40f I bet?
  23. Hello . I have an open bet where there are European league matches. Is it possible to close the bet?
  24. The Players Championship Golf tournament was cancelled yesterday. When are you going to void bets and return stakes to accounts? Other bookmakers have already done this.
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