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  1. Hello, With the new update to the Sports Betting app an unpleaseant "feature" was added. Your balance now always stays at the top of the screen no matter the section you are in. (iOS) Previously let's say it was acceptable that once you were scrolling it was dissappearing. Please make an option on all the platforms and games to hide your current balance (Poker already has it and it is fine). Financial status is a private and sensitive area and I think Unibet understands this as well. Maybe I'm drinking a coffee with my friends or I'm using public transportation and I want to place a bet right there, I don't want the people behind me to see how much my Unibet account has, no matter if it is 10$ or 10K$. Thank you very much and keep the updates coming!
  2. Hi i want to change my language on unibet from norwegian to english as it will be easier for me to understand. But i cant find anywhere to do it, can someone help? Where do i press? Is it even an option? Thanks
  3. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you a short story about the troubles of translators and the rules of rugby. Last friday I have tried to figure out the meaning of this bet type: I looked like Winne the Pooh and checked another game if I could find the solution of this mystery. I found this one: Ooops, it seems this bet has 2 different translations, so I have contacted with my local live chat agent and asked for some help. Agent A. was extremely busy and after I was waiting a while she told me that the sportsbook guy can help me at the moment but she will email me with the answer. I was wondered that no one from the sport department can interprete a bet type but I thought it's Easter so they are on holiday. I asked the Live Chat Agent today again because I didn't get any response from her. The long and unnecessary procedure started again. She didn't remembered her promise so I should gave the infos again. She asked the people around her but again nobody couldn't help. I tried to ask her about the original, english sentence but she was powerless again. So after one hour useless chatting (last friday and today) I wasn't closer to the solution. But I didn't want to give up and searched for a live rugby game and checked the original, english betting offers: Mystery solved. Conclusion: figure out in which things livechat can help you and in other things try to find the solution yourself.
  4. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  5. Making this more readable or clickable or just translate it as the other part of the offer would be awesome. Thank you.
  6. I've been playing on the belgium basketball cup, i put my bet on Ostend but at the end they played a draw, now i lost my money wich should have cancelled my bet/returning my bet..?
  7. It seems the in-play view has changed and not for the better. When I click on a specific event I don't have anymore the view of the other events in the left side of my screen. Is this change permanent? It's quite annoying having to go back each time to the general view.
  8. Hello, I have a couple of questions: first: How to change my language from German to English? Second: Why I don't have NFL Drive Markets available in-play? I know that Unibet offers to bet on them on in-play.
  9. I'm having a dispute with the support team regarding a bet that was cancelled after the game. in the game fiorentina-genoa, genoa scored a goal 0-1. Because I was that Fiorentina was much better in that game I immediately posted a 100€ bet on a draw @7.5. this was also as a (particial) hedge on the result 2 other tickets where fiorentina was set to win. In case fiorentina would have won, i would have had a few 1000€. But the match eventually drew on 1-1. after the game, unibet cancelled the ticket because it was set during a VAR review. I don't agree with this. After posting the bet, I switch watching another game. suddenly, i notice that the goal was cancelled and I cashed out for about 400€. After the game, unibet cancelled my cash out and only refunded me the 100€. I'm in disbelieve....
  10. and you would be able to watch streamed games even if your real cash balance is zero. Happened to me in the past winning some freebets via StreakR or here but due to empty roll wasn't able to watch games live even though I wanted to use the free betting option. Thanks.
  11. anyone from canada not able to navigate the site and/or make bets? service has been "down" for 12hrs with no explanation on why or when it will be fixed.
  12. Hello, Today i was checking the match CSKA Sofia - Ludogorets Razgrad, but i was confused about scores. On the upper side it says 2-2 but on the comments it says Match End and after that it shows 1 goal.Is it a bug ?
  13. Hello, I'm experiensing a bug in live section in sportsbook: Match between your lovely ambassador M. Carlsen and A. Giri. After tie in the first game and + 1 for Carlsen in the second, it showes the opposite current score:
  14. Joco

    No bet offers

    https://www.unibet.com/betting/sports/filter/all/all/all/all/in-play/1006468799 Not sure what's up with this game. No offers at all. Match just started so there should be at least map 2 or round offers.
  15. Hey stuff, some days ago i bet on under goals and wanted to make a cash out. My bet was €1 and the cash oout option offered my €0.88. I was sure I will be lost the entire bet if I didn't use the option so i accepted the loss and clicked on the button. You have to wait some seconds before the cash out going through and during this time the offer was changed to 0.90. I immediately clicked on the button again, but offer jumped to 0.92. I clicked on yes asap but the offer was 0.94. This game lasted a while, offer changed every time during the processing period and I clicked on the accept changes -yes button aswell. So I have tried to make a cash out at 0.96, at 0,98, at 1, at 1,02, at 1,04, at 1,06, at 1,08, at 1,10, at 1,13. After that offer they have cancelled offering the cash out option due to the nearly end of the e-FIFA game (both halves were 6 minutes long). My suggestion is: implementing an option/button you can accept all the cash out changes. Thank you.
  16. I placed a bet the other day on a horse at Happy Valley and as far as I could tell the bet was placed succesfully. But to my dismay when I checked my winnings the next day for some reason the bet had not registered. I put it down to my mistake and moved on, but the exact same thing has happened again! I placed a bet on Bella Ciao in the 22 49 at Gulfstream park at 3.75 - a price boost - I got the message saying the bet had been taken succesfully but when I came to check my winnings there was no record of the bet. What is going on?
  17. The Players Championship Golf tournament was cancelled yesterday. When are you going to void bets and return stakes to accounts? Other bookmakers have already done this.
  18. I had Dembele as a goalscorer in the barcelona v seville game 1532448379. it is marked as lost.. but he scored?
  19. In previous versions of the site you've been able to choose your favourite leagues so that you can have them on top of the list but for a long time I can't see that function. It's even worse nowadays because Unibet doesn't even rank the leagues based on popularity. So you actually have to get past the Algerian league and whatnot to get to the Enlgish PL etc. It seems weird as these kind of options are usually available in any kind of website. Anyway... I'm just wondering... Is this just how it is or is there a way for me to fix it?
  20. Hello, I had this bet 29 févr. 2020 à 21:08:59Live Type de paris Cotes du match: Gazprom-Yugra Surgutsky La mise: €500.00 Cotes 1.27 Coupon ID 2495426576 Statuts Perdu LiveGazprom-Yugra Surgutsky - Fakel Novy UrengoyVolley-Ball / Russie / Super League29 févr. 2020 à 20:00Cotes du matchGazprom-Yugra Surgutsky1.27Résultat: 2-3 In the last set, it was 11-11 then 12-11 then 13-11 and then everything switched to 12-13 which changes absolutely everything. It happened a couple times first during the game but it was only for a point and not for a few points at a time. How can it be switched like that? I think that was not fair to us players and something must be done here. That is in Voley Ball, the last set, where it is super critical and does not go to 25 points...Let me tell you I am very mad at this and I feel like I have been cheated on that bet!!!!
  21. Hey guys @ReCorpH Is there any posibility to implement this idea ? For example i win 10 Euro freebet and i want to split this amount and place 5 different bets with 2 Euro each. Thanks
  22. I have started betting on cs go, and i enjoy it a lot. I usually do this from my phone. I can see there is a game starting later today, but does it show anywhere if the game will be streamed? Thanks.
  23. Hello Ive just entered on unibet.fr and the new version of the website looks amazing. We will have this version also in other countries? If yes, when?
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