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WC Golden Boot questions


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I got a couple of questions regarding Golden Boot bets on the WC.

1) When there's a tie between 2 or more players I guess the criteria used to settle a golden boot bet are as described on the fifa website (https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/awards/golden-boot/) and the wikipedia page is wrong (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_World_Cup_awards#cite_note-FIFA_Golden_Boot_Award-11). 

On the wiki page, it says that first criterium is to look who has least penalty goals. this is not mentioned on the fifa website.

2) On Unibet, I can place a bet who's going to win the Golden Boot as well as who's going to be the top scorer. With Golden Boot you can only place a bet on who wins it, with top scorer you can also bet on top 4. My question is if the same criteria will apply for topscorer as it is for Golden boot when there's a tie between different players.
Since I've seen the odds have been different between Golden boot and top scorer, I'm a bit confused about this.

3) With the H2H topscorer bets, for example "Kane vs Ronaldo, who will score the most?": Is the bet voided when it's a tie? Or are here also the Golden boot criteria used to determine who wins between them (so in case of tie: assists and then least minutes played)

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Hey @BroederTuck - long time no see. Hope you're well 😃 Apologies for the late reply.

Good and relevant questions 👍

There is indeed a difference between the golden boot and topscorer bets. For the golden boot, we follow the same rules as fifa by considering the number of assist made in case of a tie in goals scored.

For the topscorer bet we have the following rule:
If two or more Participants share the applicable finishing positions and no odds have been offered for a drawn outcome, the payout will be calculated by dividing the stake by the number of participants sharing those certain positions and are settled accordingly. The payout will always be at least equal to the stake, except in cases of “Head to Heads”

E.g. if you placed a bet on Lukaku to be topscorer at the odds of 18 before the WC started and he ends up sharing the 1st position together with another player, you'll get the odds of 9.

As for the H2H bet, the following rule applies:
In a "Head to Head" between two participants, all bets will be refunded if both participants share the same position/score or are eliminated at the same stage of the competition, unless the governing association follows specific tie-breaking procedures, in which case, these will be deemed valid.

In other words, the bet will be voided in case Kane and Ronaldo scores the same number of goals 😃

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Hi  I'm depositing and wagering a lot over £1000+ in a within a few days also a lot more money since I've been playing on here and have not received any reward bonus for the amount I've wagered and time spent on here I've spoke to live chat got told to look at promos of which I had already done nothing in promos is of any good to me as I don't play or bet on promos offered so pointless....!!!! There's nothing of a cash bonus reward been given at all seems to be you don't get anything back for your loyalty/wagering amounts why is this?? When other sites offer bonus, s.. Is there any bonus or rewards given on here 

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Hi @Rugster and welcome to the Community :)
Glad you asked, we do run our own competitions here, have a look around, he freqvently have Freerolls for active members, there is the Fantasy Sports promotion with quite a good value to it as well. 

Let us know what you think.


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